Prima Freizeit

Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe
The News Cycle
"Wichtig ist: Wie fühlst du dich, wenn du abends ins Bett gehst?" Advanced, microtonal, free tekno trips from beyond the ultraworld…tomorrow’s news today. On ‘Gute Freizeit’, predator-mode bass cuts Moonraker-like across beats broken with fanatical, space-time-pricking precision...‘Prima Freizeit’ harnesses strobing trance motifs and bucking bionic drums into an all-out cubist jak-attak... while the subdued, four-dimensional, cooling-starfield bleep sequences of ‘Freizeit Special’ seem to merit, and necessitate, a genre of their own. We shit you not, this is the most crucial, compelling and resoundingly sui generis DANCE 12” of the year...complex, cryptic but playful and compelling and bound by its own rock-solid internal logic, like some kind of Glass Bead Game designed by an alien civilisation way more sophisticated, and way more spangled, than our own. Unbelievably strong opening salvo from this new label. Strictly limited edition of 199 copies with unique hand-printed insert sleeves (no two copies the same). No digital.    
The Futurians
DUCKLING MONSTER and her veteran Dunedin racket-makers come crashing back to earth with “Programmed” -  first appearing as a fragile, shrieking recording akin to a Screamers live show,…
Harutaka Mochizuki | Makoto Kawashima (Free Wind Mood series)
Harutaka Mochizuki & Makoto Kawashima
Divine, wracked solo saxophone improvisations courtesy of the magnificent An’Archives and their extraordinary new ‘Free Wind Mood’ series. Absolutely beautiful to behold too, edition of 275 housed in…
Once again the UVB-76 crew cut loose with their latest DROOGS white label, new recruit Holsten supplying a double-dose of breakbeat ruff riders that offer the perfect marriage…
Diamonds EP
Sin Falta
Following on from that justifiably sought-after FUMU CD, YOUTH come correct again (and continue their tour of formats)  with this 7" from downlow producer Sin Falta. Three bangers…
Themes & Variations
Overlook, Pessimist ++
Osiris Music
Osiris bring out the heavy artillery for this four-tracker. Overlook pretty much nails the essence of the whole enterprise on his 'Former Self', a track that effortlessly shape-bridges tuff,…
White Gorilla Cult
Shiken Hanzo
Hojo Clan
The finest showcase yet of the UK producer's ominous, dubwise and invigoratingly STRANGE take on dnb. Sparse as f**k but built for club wreckings in adventurous hands: see especially…
Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)
"Realistic Monk is the new performance project from Carl Stone in collaboration with artist and composer Miki Yui. Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of live computer…
Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun
Crazy Doberman
I Dischi Del Barone
**Re-stock ships Friday!** IDDB continue to disch 'em out - two deftly judged, cinematic cuts from CRAZY DOBERMAN. This rabid pack go straight for the jugular on side…
Platt / Öppen Inbjudan
Fåglar I Bur
I Dischi Del Barone
**Re-stock ships Friday** Shark-eyed, dubbed-to-all-f**k minimal synth/DIY from a new Swedish duo comprising Felicita Lindgren (Milos) and Joakim Karlsson (Facit), massively recommended for fans of Neutral. It’s 2018…
Feedback Works 1969-1970
Eliane Radigue
Alga Marghen
Stunning, hyper-sensitive tape manipulation + modular / synthesiser drone works.Not to be that dickhead talking about the weather again but PERFECT for these darker evenings that are drawing…
Never Looking Back
Reflective Souls
Hard Beach Entertainment
Quality streetfighter electro with the requisite whiff o' harbour city sorrow.    
Orphée Ballet
Pierre Henry
Fantome Phonographique
Stock expected to arrive Friday 14.09.18. Limited rerun of a musique concrete masterpiece and one of Pierre Henry's hardest-to-scoop - "Orphee Ballet”. Scored to the choreography of Maurice…
The Second Age
Bunker Records
2018 re-press. Lean, mean, purist acid house to satisfy Mum...climaxing with the cold futuristic narco-funk of 'Purple Phantasm' and 'Body Heat''s guttural jak attak. Just the best! 
Blood Upon The Alter
Nuclear War Now!
Cassette edition. HEAVY dose of demonic rag-dolling landing later this week, an armoury of tapes and LPs from the mighty Blasphemy. Front and centre is their unrivalled '89…
Live Ritual: Friday The 13th
Nuclear War Now!
Fiercest live recording of Canadian thrashers in action, was HARD to get for a while and now made available again, as a cassette or vinyl LP.    …
Think I just came up on a pill I took in 2002! KILLER electro-techno splackers from from the heady early days of Klakson, reissued. These were banging then…
Under Frustration Volume 1
Various Artists
Eye/ear-opening compilation of contemporary electronic music from the Arab World, put together by the Tunisian collective Arabstazy. I can barely make it to breakfast without accidentally saying something…
Mr. Wollogallu
Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro
Urpa i Musell
Having opened their account last year in classiest fashion with a reissue of El Sueño de Hyparco's Ambientes Hormonales, Barcelona’s Urpa i musell turn their attention and expertise to a…
Complete Works 1981-1983
MIND Records
“Onyx is an early 1980’s Boston based new wave / avant-garde band, that was an international duo of American songwriter and instrumentalist Judd Stone, and British vocalist (and then…
Stalingrad Vol.1: Das Beste Stahl
Various Artists
Bunker Records
**White label with insert. Featuring Syncom Data, Rude 66, Subliminal Criminal ++** Outside of noise/P.E. circles I’ve never encountered anyone with such an interest in military imagery as…
Start To End
La Beauté Du Négatif
Subliminal Sounds
Uncertainty Principle