I was cured alright

Horns (Gremlinz & Overlook Remix)
Future Cut
Horns (Gremlinz & Overlook Remix)
One-sided white label pressing for Gremlinz and Overlook’s baad remix of Future Cut’s classic ‘Horns’ – an out-and-out war riddim if ever there was one. Also a promising start for this new downlow imprint from the Abstractions/UVB-76 lot. "Sending this one to Renegade Hardware 1995 - 2017. With Clayton’s Blessings. One Time For The Fog Horns. LTD edition.” Real horrorshow.


Bokeh Versions / No Corner
Four slices of smoke-damaged dubplate murder, from around the time of Seekersinternational’s 2014 Rootprinciple tape for No Corner, gifted into the commonwealth on this 12” team-up from NC…
Thee J Johanz ‎
Work For Love
“Unreleased, unheard and unassailable” Thee J Johanz productions dating from the time of his cult 1995 LP for Irdial, Confidential. Kicks off with an alternate version of that…
Living Currency
Not on label
New tape from this squalid, Thought Broadcast-related “crypto-electronics” outfit. Expands nicely on the themes of the first Living Currency outing, Hideous Process, released a couple of years back…
Depth of Decay
Mixtape from Nina (VIS/Golden Pudel) on Depth of Decay. Available exclusively in Europe through Low Company.
The Brown Elbow Conspiracy
Re-issue of black gold from the Dutch West Coast circa ’97. This is the music that got a lot of us into this whole mess, and it’s easy…
Rider Shafique
More West Country fire, this time the long-awaited proper release for Rider Shafique’s supremely eerie/irie, O$VMV$M-produced dancehall anthem ‘Lion’. Hands-down one of the best things to come out…
T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Back in stock! Remastered edition of one of Photek's most majestic and ageless offerings, originally released on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-ART in '96 and remastered here for a new…
Inna Babalon
John T. Gast
Back in stock! Double-vinyl pressing of John T. Gast’s Inna Babalon courtesy Italy’s Haunter Records. Originally released as a tape on his own 5 Gate Temple in early…

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