Where do you get your hair cut?

Who me?
Who me?
Collaboration between Golden Teacher's Lady Two Collars and Sue Zuki from Organs of Love, recorded at Green Door Studios, Glasgow. Ace, diverse, minimalist dub/dancehall/house/R&B bullets, built out of not much more than drums, bass, hurtling electronic shrapnel, and vocals oscillating between Warrior Queen-ish bark (not to be confused with the actual dog barking, also present) and mocking/mellifluous, Saada Bonaire-esque half-sung riddling. Felt a bit overcooked on first contact but has won us over. Reminds of nothing so much as Maurice Fulton's Mu, given a distinctively UK soundsystem spin. You can also hear the influence of The Bug, maybe even DJ Scud and I-Sound's Wasteland, in some of the bombed-out, red-tickling rhythms, elsewhere they explore more obviously industrial/post-punk dungeon-ooze, and have themselves invoked Madame X, Stuart Argabright and Francois K - certainly the general freedom of approach echoes no wave, early hip-hop and mutant disco (not to mention electroclash). But no re-tread: it feels dead fresh. In fact production-wise these tracks are pretty madly on-point, rude and reduced, made with love, and so the more attention-seeking elements not only sit snugly, they really do the business. You'd venture that this, not 'Don't Kill My Vibe', is what pop music in 2017 is supposed to sound like. Can't help but feel that the good will out, eventually, and that LAPS are destined for bigger, more garish things that will almost certainly turn you against them. So enjoy this one while you can.  


DJ Osom
Exotic Dance
"Better than drugs. Memories of an Earth alien." - Exotic Dance Four cuts of shuffling, staggering dancefloor disruption on DJ OSOM's debut. As difficult to pin down as it…
Mike Cooper
"Mike Cooper’s output of the past half century has been described as ‘post-everything’. It’s a fitting phrase really when you consider he has been at the beating heart…
Give Me Love
Time Unlimited
Total Sound
Produced by Royal Sounds and released on the Total Sounds label in 1975. Incredibly hard to find Junior Delgado vocal and version. Imploring and full of ache, over…
Jheri Tracks Vol.2 PT.1
Various Artists
Jheri Tracks
Stand-out 12" of scuffed house, louche techno steppers and other unclassifiables. No flies on this one. Lumigraph's bruk opener a rampaging highlight. Check the clips. Also featuring LMM,…
Erster Teil - Zweiter Teil - Dritter Teil
Serenus Zeitblom Oktett
Sublimely moody, subtly cinematic electro-acoustic jazz and concrète sound-sculpting. Somewhere between Jan Jelinek's loop-finding and the perfectly modulated suspense/romance of Gruppo or Lino Capra Vaccina. 180g vinyl. 
John T. Gast
Blackest Ever Black
The inimitable Gast, making his first appearance under that name since last year’s ‘Overseer’ on Apron. Two remixes (if you’re wondering of who/what, the B-side gives the game…

DNB / Jungle / Breakbeat

Blackest Ever Black
Samurai Horo
Hidden Hawaii
T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Lost DATs 91-95 Vol.3
Existence Is Resistance