Feels like a lifetime ago, already, but on Monday we undertook a serious (I had on a tracksuit, bub) SPRING CLEAN of the shop: reordering the shop floor, renaming and/or adding helpful subdivisions to our previously unwieldy sections, yes, reintroducing used records to our offering, sure, but for the most part just throwing out vast, vast quantities of SHITE. Amazing what tat you can accumulate, almost entirely passively, in just two years. I wasn't surprised by all the ancient tupperware or the boxes full of unsolicited - and uniformly baaaad - demos/self-released tapes, but I can't say I expected to find a copy of Bear Grylls' Extreme Survivors ("a great read and not just a book for blokes", say Bookseller NZ, although Amazon reviewer SarahPoet warns: "I had thought this book would make an interesting read for my 10-yr-old son...I didn't expect the stories to be unfailingly happy, but nor had I realised that they would include accounts of girls abducted and kept in cellars as sex slaves.")

Anyway, nice to have a tidy. 





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