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Thee perennial journey into madness - “Muzak For Abattoirs” - the only outing of The Black Phlegm aka Ellis Dee. Daft, painful and probably one of the most inspiring (change your diet?? CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!) records I’ve ever heard. Imagine a completely dilapidated Innovative Communication LP that was recorded in a place called “The Ice House” in Somerset, it’s aim - to harness the true feelings felt by living creatures that are destined to be victim to man’s slaughter. Alternatively “an electronic symphony in memory to the forgotten millions of animals who have died needlessly..”....Heavier than a death in the family?! Pah! There’s an innocence in the humble, low-flying production and an impossible misery and longing in those synthesisers which themselves sound like they have spent their whole life in lightless, gritty captivity.

Have lost hours upon hours getting sucked into the completely unique, crazed and drug addled resolve in which Ellis Dee filters his vision, swerving any sorta wordy, dolphin bothering mantras and dubbing it more of a “Total Bastard Freak Out” and prescribing listeners to get STONED OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Bury me with this record!

The Black Phlegm - "Muzak For Abattoirs"

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