Here's a mix of sorts I did on Monday to give me something to listen to this week while running errands in town, riding the train and tube to work, pushing a pram around, and trying not to spill boiling hot yuppie coffee on my infant child's face. ROK Y ROLL! 

Like that overpriced, potentially baby-maiming black filter, it's been percolating a while. But in the end it was thrown together more or less spontaneously, and not particularly laboured over (as fans of EQing and properly smooth transitions will notice). A few old favourites, some recent discoveries, some brand new and forthcoming/unreleased bits for a bit of flash. Distinct spring/early-summer vibes throughout, I think...songs, guitars, voices, longing, invocation of teenage spirits (paed-ooooo!). It's also worth noting that, after 15-odd years living in big, bad capital cities, I now reside in a small seaside town that I can basically walk from one end of the other to in 90 minutes. I still come into Babylon to shovel shit at the shop and see people two or three times a week, but my centre of gravity has unavoidably shifted and I suppose too has my sensibility. This, then, is the sound of the provinces...Approach with due caution! 

I was going to post the full tracklist, but Kenny reckons I should withhold it like a c**t, not sure why, he's just mean like that. By way of compromise, here's a list of who's on it: Anti-Clockwise, Thuja, Dean Roberts, Mekanik Kommando, Scythe, Edward Ka-Spel, Adopo, Brunnen,  Keijo, Entlang, Letha Rodman Melchior, LST, Static Cleaner Lost Reward, Itchy Bugger, Stephen, Band of Susans and The Clean. Enjoy! 

Download #1: Darling We're Out Of Wet Wipes


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