Hello, and apologies for being LATE

The hours of a Thursday afternoon we normally spend fannying about assembling our newsletter were yesterday instead spent fannying about finalising the line-up and logistics of our 2nd birthday party - Sunday 26th May at New River Studios, London N4. Details of that, plus a handful of this week's highlights in music/vehicular restraining devices, below. 

Have yourselves a LOVELY weekend


TICKET | £16.00

Admission x 1 for Low Company's birthday bruise cruise, Bank Holiday Sunday 26th May at New River Studios, London N4. 

LIVE: Lolina, Bobby Would, Thomas Bush, Bridget Hayden, Civilistjävel!, O Yuki Conjugate, Dennis Tyfus

Pub Quiz hosted by The South Yorkshire Mick Hucknall

DJ: Wah Wah Wino, Fearbubbler & Mystery Nude DJ, Flora ACC, Rausch Turning, Carla, Nick Horn O'Plenty, Estelle

2pm-midnight, more details to follow.... 

**Once purchased, your name will be added to the guest list. If you buy more than one you will be added with your name plus however many extra (eg. Anne Gillis + 2)**


Bold, broken and as TOXIC as a gulp from the Thames - nearly fifty minutes of live damage from Lolina and a welcome re-dose of her themes for a nightbus-to-nowhere.

Dismantled and pasted back together in real time “Live In Geneva” reveals the flesh n bones of these dizzying productions, all the disorientating elements and abstractions of the hits laid bare - yah, the HITS.

Amidst a sea of unpredictable, maverick-dancehall and glitch'ing, GLISTENING electronic laments lie those now cast-iron anthems, ones that we will still be reaching for in years to come when LC is a cold, dead husk and our wee shoppe is reverted back to a hairdressers. Wah! Truly struggling to recall a deadlier one-two crossing the threshold than “The Smoke”’s “Style & Punishment” / “The River” - every ounce deranged as they are anthemic, these two slabs of open sewer electronics wheeze in and out of focus, stampeded by dance-with-the-traffic beat cycles and sluggish bass hooks -  all these takes, strung out and subjected to subtle automations to create a stunning, hi-def, ALMOST kosmische wandering commanded only by Lolina’s quick-witted, inner mind theatrics. 
Disintegrated pop blizzard, highest recommendation!

CDr, edition of 115.

THE TRILOGY TAPES | 12" | £10.99

Our boy FFT delivers his best yet with two extended, frequency sweeping hurricanes that tear through hi-tek / avant-garde grime and razor sharp, contemporary sound design... 

FIRE | 2LP | £25.99

How can we make you understand? Do you want to understand? The Groundhogs’ diesel-powered, trogged-out, ultra-alienated PTSD-garage-blues-punk head-crusher Thank Christ For The Bomb is back in print and it means...SOMETHING. Most people in our orbit don’t fuck with Groundhogs beyond ‘Cherry Red’, or mebbe mainman Tony McPhee’s schizo synth-splatter solo side Both Sides Of... (beloved of Demdike etc). But all of that stuff pales before the THUMPING artillery-raid/napalm-scorch of Thank Christ For The Bomb. It’s essentially two demented concept albums (uh-oh) for the price of one: Side 1 is narrated from the perspective of a shellshocked Tommy scrapping it out behind enemy lines and praying for an H-bomb to put him out of his misery. Side 2 is a slightly more bewildering account of a burned-out English aristo who decides to leave his Chelsea mansion and all his worldly possessions to go feral on the shores of Embankment. McPhee’s guitar is a hyper-conflicted, speed-crazed platoon unto itself, one minute lost in jangly reverie, the next unleashing almighty, electrified hell - dispensing brutally economical bonehead riffage that effortlessly out-thugs Brainbombs, never mind Dave Davies, or heading off on screaming vertiginous solos that come off like the mutant offspring of Hendrix, Skullflower and Marquee Moon. Hardly surprising that Joy Division and especially M.E.S. were fans too - McPhee, Ken Pustelnik (drums) and Pete Cruikshank (bass) set a standard for minimal, metronomic, kill-all-hippies death-march/glam-racket that a hundred brow-beaten Fall guitarists and rhythm sections could never hope to meet. 

Ridiculously over-the-top 2LP reissue from Fire, good on 'em (I think?!), with gatefold sleeve in red slipcase with poster, ration book liner notes, DL and a whole extra platter of radio sessions and live cuts we haven't had time to listen yet cos we've been too busy caning the album proper. All-time rager. BOOF.

NOT ON LABEL | £0.00

  • Bulldog DC400 Autoclamp for Motorhomes and Vans. 
  • ‘D’ (mm) ~ 580 - 740
  • ‘W’ (mm) to include trim ~ 190 - 255
  • Wheel Nut Disc Dia (mm) ~ 270
  • Product Weight ~ 9.0kg
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable simple to use and fit. 
  • Case hardened top arms for added security. 
  • Highly visible. 
  • Rubber backed steel disk protects wheel nuts. 
  • High security drill and pick resistant lock. 
  • Insurance Approved. 

"Loved by vehicle insurers." For the past three months valuable floorspace in the shoppe has been taken up by a 9kg metal wheel-clamp which was addressed and delivered to us, presumably in error, by persons unknown. Despite our best efforts we've been unable to trace the owner. It's used, as you can see, but it still works. 

If by any chance this £150 RRP clamp belongs to you, or if you just want to take it off our hands, please have it, free of charge, provided you can come and collect it (yeah we ain't shipping it) no later than May 2nd... at which point we'll have to get rid. You can add it to your order or email us at 

Happy clamping! 

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