Last week of freedom before daddy's home. Gotta clean up so just a couple of quick announcements. 

Check this week's NTS show with a guest mix from Macker in the second hour. 

Also, not prepared to divulge more details just yet but make sure you keep the 26th of May free. It's a Bank Holiday Sunday and it's gonna be WILD. 

LC xxx

SAUCERS | 12" | £9.99

Blind-siding EP of devil-mix atmospherics and shapeshifting, fractural sound design - the latest offering from Heith (Haunter Records ++) and the first release on his new outlet - SAUCERS.

For all its psychic, slow-burning umami, “Mud” floats with an urgency that’s almost impossible to place - the raw, dry-ice rudeness of some Reinforced synth sweeps playing 800% slower than intended, fused and tightened with the immersive, sci-fi wonder of Dopplereffekt’s “Calabi Yau Space”. Heith utilises this deadly sound palette and moves with an unbeknown stealth and liquid agility that generates some sorta demented sense of adrenalin (and that’s just the intro!).

“Extra Melma” sounds like it could have been recorded in a magma chamber deep in the earth’s core - waves of THICK molten chords drift across most of Side A, slowly diffusing like a lava flow gradually rolling into the ocean, intermittently disrupted by swiftly evaporating fissures of digitally distorted sub-bass. Totally addictive this one - teaming with the forward leaning phuturistix you need to feel like you are actually living in 2019, without getting too, ya know, Matrix: Reloaded.

On the other side, a booming, steadily paced stepper - “Yoga Of Stealth” comes primed with apathetic synth sweeps that vaguely recall JTG’s “Angela” from last year, further extraterrestrial club tension forged by cyclic string samples folding in on themselves. It’s the perfect lead-up to the clattering, dislocated grime swordplay of “?” - it’s shattered, naked-flame melody revolving on and on until Heith closes with a deep, aching cut of computer-soul - the vocals on “Mud Queen” singing an untranslatable romance of two distant planets.

Hands down our fave EP of the year so far.


World building compilation of boundless, sinister post-industrial and blissfully sedated, synth muzak from Kashual Plastik, presented in an intricate, rope-bound and hand-crafted wooden cover with several earthy screen-prints across the two panel gatefold (can only imagine the cursing that went down on the assembly line, good heavens!).

Contemporary kosmiche offerings from our folks Brannten Schnure and Lamusa II instantly catch the ear and pulled us into the spacious, wooden constructs of “No Order In Destiny”, before taking the subnarcotic night drive from F ingers’ ’Orgy In The Country Homestead…’ to the astral-outerplains of Milan W.’s “Astra”. A sloppy nose-grind from Steve Pepe’s ‘Interlude’ and we’re trapped in the vacuumized, percussion-led, downward spirals of Nadine Byrne (Ectoplasm Girls) - all the selections here so, SO on the money, all delicately placed to induce completely abstract noggin’-wandering into previously unchartered ecosystems.

I mean, it feels like ANYONE can release anything these days, so ya kinda want something more from your VA comp than tracks from a bunch of folk whose email addresses you happen to have. Hacking and sawing against the grain KP cough up this carefully assembled, labour intensive package, its powerful, lucid sequencing MORE than dignifying its concept - the design, the sound all completely coherent in their confusion and perfectly snapshotting the odd-ball DIY fringe of which we are so utterly enchanted by. Sturdy, underground offering in the veins of Sordide Sentimental - future artyfact, no doubt.


LOUD free-form, dead space texture generation and stripped back, Glenn Branca- style studio devolutions from Nina Garcia and her untameable guitar, grinding up every inch of the poor instrument, wiring it through a humble pedal and exploring it’s full sonic potential with a certain ferocity and yet, deeply considered prowess.

It’s taken us a few weeks to get our heads round the twists and turns of Mariahci - it’s stark minimalism staring you in the face and demanding you to get on board. Managing to keep our lunch down over the course of this rickety, INVIGORATING rollercoaster, we are left with a few cracked ribs and an insightful, genuinely exciting sense of thoroughness that recalls the first time we heard Guido Bresaola’s “Esterno / Interno” (not a comparison we would make lightly!!) - Bresaola summoning the deepest, DARKEST shudders of the double bass across a whole LP to terrifying, demon-conjuring effect (ye, you just gotta to check that one too!). Highly, highly recommended to any of you sound explorers out there needing to rattle the cage a bit.

CONCRETE CABIN | 12" | £9.99 

Four asbo-dodgin’ harmdashers from the dear grey place, unknown duo Hamilton Scalpel step out on the new imprint from warehouse-of-horrors club night Concrete Cabin (home of go-to guns for hire Mother Mark and DJ Crud).

Highly anticipated round these parts, this one - a twisted tale of dark-side ruffage that lands it’s first swing with the Blantyre-breakcore RAMMY (eh?!) of “Anti-Vibe (UK Compliance)” - the sound of Tango & Ratty failing their M.O.T. test - the amen gearbox sticking, kruschin’, REVVING - before flying out the stops with a twitching, British Murder Boys style blood-thirst and enough disorderly conduct to dwarf adjectives a la “rowdy”, every word in the English language seeming far too polite to capture the immeasurable fury of the windmilling, jungle-tekno on show here.

“Slewn Kin” is a blazing wheelie bin of new-skool Chronobrain / Acid Planet madness, concealed weapon on Side B - “Coventry Dump Valve” - the one to watch as it rushes ya with seasnake hi-hats and underwater-dancehall sub-bass, a circling, crystl clear / LED-lit melody hanging around to keep the peace and offer non-violent resolution (“soundboy drops a swadger and briefly forgets his troubles”, mebbe?). Further raucous bam-tune breaks on “Uprated Night Zone” round off a bone-shattering debut - one to well n truly blow the cobwebs off/aff. 200 copies, all hand-scrawled n’ sticker’d by the Crud.

>>>> SHIPS FRIDAY >>>> 

PRESSURE SOUNDS | 12" | £10.99

Four glassy-eyed reworks of Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators’ productions cut to 10” on Pressure Sounds. Sinuous heavy-weight, glue-on-your-soles excursions, dripping with condensation. Transplanting Johnny Clark’s ‘Enter Into His Gates’ and Jackie Edwards ‘Come Dub Me Girl’ from their original rhapsodising contexts, each side contains two splayed-out, half-speed dub rhythms which emphatically hit the original Bunny Lee / Aggrovators’ axis with crisp staccato snares and glorious tape echo delay ad infinitum. Total scorchers, destined to fly out the door.

UPSET THE RHYTHM | 7" | £6.99

The Glaswegian indie poppers Vital Idles return to Upset the Rhythm with a BANGIN’ four track 7” swerving towards (and away from) Exit Order, Slender and Liliput. After the minimalist, clean compact riffing of last year’s Left Hand LP which channelled The Feelies or any of the Flying Nun ensembles you’d care to mention, these minutes long shoutings are distinctly more out of the studio in into the garage. Prolly the same garage as Current Affairs, Shopping and Sacred Paws. BELTER.
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