Another busy week over here, all getting firmly filed under POSITIVE STRESS. Main thing coming off the back-burner has been the planning of a couple nights on the tiles - the first of which being our next Oto takeover, this time on a most sociable Saturday night (16/03) - with a couple local debuts as well as some imported shop faves. Also gonna have Carla, Kenny and Sanjay generating some Saturday night fever in between acts with time for a good few pub classics at the end - mines a scooner! Big thanks to Tin Savage for the poster. Buy your tix here

Another occasion that is very much UPON US is the sixth instalment of Static Shock Festival, a four day debacle featuring nearly fifty bands and a thousand or-so punks on pingers taking over the streets of North London. In line with such depravity our good ‘ol neighbour Paco has opened the doors to the La Vida Es Un Mus cave and has TONNES of second hand punk / hardcore / post-punk and general groggy-oddities for sale from 12pm-4pm on Friday and Saturday. We’ve been ‘anging around in there this morning and TRUST US - he is well worth a visit. 

If all of this just sounds like a sore head, there’s also the option to stay indoors and enjoy the sounds of our renegade aussie beat-juggler, sans curse words (no “dog this”, “c*nt that” on air) and giving the first rinse on a pile of forthcoming LC business ++  - Sanjay’s radio show is up for infinite rewindover on NTS.

ANYWAY, deluge of good stuff in this week - read and, er, weep.


ULTRA ECZEMA | LP | £18.99


Last copies of this deadly, angst-in-their-pants set of late 70s / early 80s demo tapes, spikey studio sketches and thumping, rhythmic, back-alley brawls (check “I Hate”!) from one hit wonders of mangled Belgian New Wave, PLEXI GLADZ.
Not a phrase we use often but we are OVERJOYED to finally have these aggy scraps of clattering, post-punk mania in the shop - unearthed by Ultra Eczema at the end of last year - every track sounding like all the best gear on “The Elephant Table Album”, or some low fidelity stew of Burbounese Qualk, Geile Tiere and early Ata Tak tackle. Mutant sounds of the HIGHEST order!

Comes with archival photos, as well as a rejection letter from Virgin Records.

JOLLY DISCS | CD | £6.99


Free, fresh, rowdy-cum-wistful rave/blooz mutations from Thomas Bush and Guy Gormley (Special Occasion, Enchante), improbably applying hardstyle tempos to breezy, dub-scuffed pop songs with soca/funky-derived rhythms and eerie, ambient/folk textures (what?). Hashed out over a few sessions at GG’s studio over the road from us back in December, it’s a looser, spacier z3excursion than the duo’s last RAP outing, the brightly lit and tightly wound ‘Originals’ - and in true Jolly Discs fashion it goes down so easy it takes a few listens before the true extent of its craft and daring and attention to detail becomes apparent. Those of us craving more from Bush after last year’s banging Old & Red ought to be first in line - his distinctive young-druid vocals are used sparingly, but very effectively, here, while as co-producers he and Gormley deliver something more than the sum of themselves, folding upful, bashy UK house tropes into a more private, moody, crepuscular sphere - a world where floatation-tank techno chords, steel-drum vamps and LFOish sub-bass plasma-bursts co-exist with eldritch swirls of woodwind and stately, high-lonesome piano nocturnes. It could be music imagined from a point so far in the future, or by a civilisation so far away, that the temporal and cultural distance between Gareth Williams and Karizma is effectively zero. Or just people making stuff to suit themselves, and kindly sharing the spoils with you. CD album with screenprinted disc, edition of 100>>>>

Low Company hard kru gets it’s hands on some of the most abundant “demos” we’ve heard in a loooong time, a recalibrating collection of hermetic sound collage and suspensive beat cycles that form the far-reaching, street-lamp sonics on “C.C.S. Ear-well” - the first outing of London based shut-in Malvern Brume and the maiden voyage of a cobbled together, in-house, hand scalpel’ing, carbon based farce / tape label.

A near sixty minute long Greenwich Tunnel Dive, “C.S.S...” is a set of lost transmissions on MB’s fading vitality and experiments in sun-starved, solitary fitness. From the off, the opening track “Pedestrian Movement” feels like a last legible journal entry, a pensive and melodic inquisition before rasping, Diesel Guitar-style drone descents and inaudible S.O.S. signals take hold and tracks become fully shrouded in a malnourished distortion, dusted with fluttering memoirs of the real-world via some rickety, smoke stained London field recordings.

Side B morphs into more paranoid, beat-sequenced skeletons - “Tascam 1081” and “Ebb” feeling like hissing inversions of the German Shepherds’ “Music For Sick Queers”, whilst “Unrooted Drum” and “Mud Lap” take the shape of an unidentified strain of slickly modulating, claustrophobic techno - like something you might find on Morphine - an erratic yet intuitive tekno-primitivism, Brume going mad in captivity and simultaneously developing an acute understanding for his craft. Cold-hearted, grey C60 cassette with artwork by Victor Wagget, each copy chaotically hand-dubbed and numbered in-shoppe, one time run of 49 copies. Comes with download code.

NIGHT SCHOOL | LP | £16.99

Woii, new cosmically-aligned art-songs from our favourite Finnish-Glaswegian psalmsorialist, Cucina Povera. It’s all in the title with this one, ‘Zoom,’ the pocket recorder and weapon of choice for field recordists the world over, which CP (aka Maria Rossi) uses to capture choral acappellas of potent mysticism. At its best moments (which are frequent!), the unadulterated acoustic timbre is enhanced by using little more than a loop pedal which wraps her voice around the concrète traces of her production techniques (such as using a coke bottle as a mesmerising, rhythmic pan-flute). The minimalist junkyard textures upon which her acappellas are throned is the basis for Zoom’s singular appeal, conjuring images of lost lovers moon dancing across the frozen peaks of the Ural Mountains. It’s enchantment flows from the same well as Meredith Monk’s ’71 masterpiece, ‘Key’ but crucially CP’s voice on tracks like ZOOM0010 and ZOOM0014 is much more prominent and clearly the star of the show, in all its naked glory. Think of any Joan le Barbara’s works, such as 'Voice is the Original Instrument' but unashamedly more vulnerable and unaffected. Rossi has taken a big risk on this one, laying bare the mechanics of her creative vision and we’ve got to say, it’s undoubtedly paid off in spades - perched right out on the edge of intrigue. Zoom is an intimate, celestial and abstract self-portrait of a person who’s progression as an artist is because of the limitations she’s set herself. A few ingredients can bare a dish worthy of infinite praise.


ETHBO | 12" | £10.99

Refreshingly boisterous, deep sea sound-exploration and undefinable texture generation from Leipzig duo EEL - snatched fresh from the polluted ocean floor and plopped into some sorta fish tank hologram for our awe and amusement - their glitch’ing, otherworldly manoeuvres - ones to truly behold as they dart from the gargling, disruptive grit-scapes of HDD1 to the drenched yet glistening melodies of HDD2 - that sound like the most interplanetary adventures of Jamal Moss, stranded in a digital rainstorm. HDD 3 is a dense cut of scrambled, psychic-drowning tape manipulation, before rounding things up on some kinda mangled, amphibian court-dance of percussive polyrhythm and rowdy digi-dub bass on HDD 4. Total UFO - did NOT see this one coming.


Storming live recording of Sun City Girls from ‘92 - a band that has come up in conversation a lot recently round deez parts - mostly because we won’t stop blasting their “Djinn Funnel” Lp on Nashazphone in shoppe - a general consensus of people being very much aware of SCG but not knowing where to start when stood at the foot of the mountain that is their extensive back catalogue.

WELL,  what we have ‘ere is an ideal point of departure - in that its pretty cheap AND “Pelican ‘92” captures both the engrossing variety and restless energy of this bold Phoenix mob - psychedelic passages of Bishop's guitar circling, coming back around on itself, like a man with one leg longer than the other - lost, walking in an endless desert, as well as full throttle, high-speed sessions of fuzzed out, telepathic interplay. ADDICTIVE BELTER. 



ULTRA ECZEMA | LP | £17.99

ULTRA ECZEMA | LP | £21.99

ULTRA ECZEMA | LP | £21.99

"THE" 1978-1983
90% WASSER | LP | £20.99

MEEUW MUZAK | 7" | £6.99
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