A wearier week than usual (should be used to it, right?) waking up to the increasingly exasperated choir of grey faces hoarsely speculating the future of UK and its residents when in fact they don’t know if it’s frikkin' New York or New Year. General mood made only worse this morning after asking a fellow member of the public for the time (phone died fuqsake) only to be told with a warm smile and sincere apology that they didn’t have any spare change. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry, eh? Thank fuck for MUSIC AND ALCOHOL. Tickets for our Saturday night social below. 

xx LC


Join us as we leave the safety, comfort and, er, CONFINES of our four walls as we once again plunge in to the ocean of LIVE music with five of our favourite sound explorers: from the wilds of Belgium, Ilta Hämärä aka dark magi Timo Van Lujik and Bart De Paepe, purveyors of punishing, baddest-trip psychedelia and haunting outsider concrète....Cosmically-aligned art-songs from our favourite Finnish-Glaswegian psalmsorialist (no that's definitely not a word), Cucina Povera..the ritual electronics / planet-gargling noise of XVARR...and hermetic sound collage x suspensive beat cycles from Malvern Brume. Intro/intermission/extended outro provided by the SO MUCH BELTER SOUNDSYSTEM: Kenny / Carla / Sanjay
ART INTO LIFE | LP | £23.99


Emphatic, rhythmic MELTDOWN courtesy of Japan's Art Into Life - a live and previously unreleased recording of Akio Suzuki performing at Musashino Art University, in 1984, using a combination of metallic percussion, a reel-to-reel and five wind-up, toy rabbits which have been employed as a shockingly effective / cute as fuck rhythm section - the audience in this recording HOWLING with laughter for the opening couple of minutes as Suzuki presumably attempts to herd and conduct a small orchestra of mobile Furbee percussionists.

All these initial shambolics set the record up perfectly, as it is the interactive nature of Suzuki's work that separates him from the rest of the ol’ time avant-gardies (at it since the sixties!), a rare engagement with audiences and a deadly focused, but ultimately light-hearted ideal - standing and jumping, throwing and following - playful ideas and their resulting rhythms are sat right at the core of this exploratory performance - as well as being integral to Suzuki’s lifetime experiments in sound and the spaces which can imprison them.

As the noise of the audiences’ laughter seems to make way for the silence of their enchantment, we hear the subtle nuances of Suzuki and his robotic mob catching a “groove” - a chorus of feedback loops that begin to sound like a mechanical birdsong, a rattling dither of phasing harmonics that fills the space between a drifting, percussive noise scape of wood and metal bric-a-brac, which over the course of thirty minutes (it goes fast!), begins to feel like a tiny, charmingly unoptimised ecosystem that has been attentively grown and nurtured by Suzuki and his seemingly doting audience. Genuinely wish we’d been there to see this in ’84 - a deftly measured, nigh-on shamanistic incantation and a truly innovative document as to what sound-art can offer. FFO: Company series on Incus, Kosugi, Alvin Curran, Michael Snow.

Japanese import, limited to 300 copies. A couple of ours have VERY slight warping but you’ll live.

ALTER | LP | £14.99

Long-time followers of the shop (not that we’ve been around that long eh) will be well aware of our love of DOGGING… by which we mean not ONLY exhibitionist sexual activity but ALSO the ripping album of that name by Oz mutantes Low Life. A cult classic pretty much on arrival (2014 to be precise, courtesy R.I.P. Society / Disinfect), the more widely available 2017 pressing on Luke Younger’s Alter confirmed its burgeoning LEGENDARY STATUS. Downer EDN is the follow-up, and what a beautiful snarling sobbing brawling beast of a record it is… a worthy successor to Dogging, I mean, might it even be better than Dogging?! The production/mix is less uneven, is bang-on in fact (Mikey Young innit), the songwriting's tighter, the vocals bolshier, the swearing more gratuitous, the wall of guitars thicker and nastier and more recklessly overdriven than before. But what makes Low Life special, and always has, is the way they queer their full-throttle, bonehead street-punk/noise-rock pitch with subtle currents of more spectral, brittle sonics and dare we say SOUL-SEARCHING lyrical appeals - capturing the desperation and futility not just of footie-loving, pint-smashing Sydney 'Lad Life’ but of ALL LIFE. An absolute blast, do not miss. 

VIS | LP | £13.99

Essential harbour city sorrows and nightmare, electro-bubblebaths in the Hamburg docklands, top synth physician Felix Kubin and his Max Brand hash out their differences to create two spacious, long-form oscillations of rasping analogue textures for the walking wounded. 

The two pieces cycle through a series unnerving, high-alert, underpass sonics and stark, mirror-symmetry minimalism, allowing for no distractions as to the Max Brand’s monophonic, HAUNTING prowess and the abundant vault of Kubin’s ideas - each movement sidewinding beyond it’s solution - expanding, inverting and taking on a life of their own with poise reminiscent of Laszlo Dubrovay or a seventies Subotnick LP and all the imagination of that HEAVILY underrated Onomatopoeia LP from the 90s, or the earlier works Ursula Bogner. Dimly-lit wizardry, not to be overlooked!

Handnumbered LP with insert and download code. Limited to 300. 
ARCHIVES BOX 1983-2005
ART INTO LIFE | 5XCD | £44.99


A devils picnic INDEED, found-sound TITAN Anne Gillis’ definitive archive, in a gloriously presented CD box-set that leaves little else to be desired in the realms of unique, gristly sound exploration. Her works throughout the eighties (and beyond) cut a path completely of their own - hypnotic compositions of circling, reverberant feedback and whistling, GRINDING sample manipulation that slide on the slants of industrial, are paired off with the unnatural, chaotic beauty of her all-encompassing, innovative sound collage and wound together with a seditionary minimal-synth sensibility. This collection also crams in a remaster of the often passed over “Pomme Ou Pas Pomme” cassette, where Gillis effortlessly drifts into graceful, kosmiche synth-“pop” skeletons.

Properly FLOORED by this - can’t remember the last time we actually ENJOYED a box set, the format most famously known for gathering dust and sharing more in common with some sorta boutique jigsaw than something you would actually listen to, no, having all this material in once place really gives some perspective to a body of work and hammers home the once whispered idea of Gillis being one of the most exciting and impulsive artists to ever do it. Highly desirable item - one please!


Contents are as follows:

Disc 1: Lxgrin (1984), Aha (1984); Disc 2: Montetachek (1985), Bisherigori (1986); Disc 3: Devil’s Picnic (1983), Rementact (1989); Disc 4: Manon Anne Gillis & G.X. Jupitter-Larsen - Encored Dust (1994-95), Euragine (1994); Disc 5: Compilations + Unreleased Works.


Absolute pearler from our favourite freaks across the pond, Crazy Doberman, via Russian tape label, Post-Materialization Music. Sordid sax freakouts and cantankerous spatterings sound like Pierre Brotzmann’s junkyard terriers let off the leash. More free than they’re last 7” outing on IDDB but the same brutish no wave dolDRUM energy as Implog colliding with the Joe McPhee/Bryan Eubanks collab. Proper open-circuit, open vein outer limits music. The flip diverges somewhat with two excursions from The Black Vomit who seem to have a penchant for redlining the woodwind section into a frenzied, ESP-asthma attack with such fury only matched by their terrifying pastiche of various vocal shriekings that drift in and out over the course of the two tracks. One for the masochists.
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