La Flourenn En Mars
Jean-Marie Mercimek
Oddball subterranean side of "rare automatic casio keyboards, frequency modulation chanson and tape collages" from Jean-Marie Mercimek - confusingly not an individual but rather a Marseille-based duo project comprised of Marion Molle and Ronan Riou. This is one of a…
Live At Browns
Vertical Slit
Emerging from the shadows of Siltbreez HQ as hench and ready to rumble as the sunstroked arachnids that have started appearing in our house over the last few days, this blazing live doc of Vertical Slit straps the perpetually idle…
Stations Of Control
Conrad Pack
Not on label
Refreshingly direct minimal techno arrowheads, dark and tripped-out and tunnelistic in a almost Sandwell District style but rendered with a rolling, well-oiled London swerve. Real-deal club tracks, unpretentious-ballistic-compulsive-spacious...makes you hopeful the good times will come again. In the meantime, that…
In This House
Not on label
Some people just get it. Stunning contemporary minimal rock'n'roll/drone-pop/VU-worship. Nonchalant, bittersweet, exacting-as-a-scalpel, unpretentious (but just pretentious enough), richly melodic, void-chasing brilliance from an assuming wrecking-crew of Rotterdam eggheads. This their second self-released second LP, massively recommended for fans of The…
Nina Harker
Nina Harker
Le Syndicat des Scorpions
I don’t know who Nina Harker is but I want to meet her. Subterranean French imrpint Le Syndicat des Scorpions (in cahoots with La République des Granges and Animal Biscuit) present a much-needed vinyl pressing of this mysterious, difficult, sensory…
Summer Has Become Cold
Floating Di Morel
Play Loud! Productions
Reckon this might be my favourite album of the year so far - 'Omu' is certainly my favourite track. Summer Has Become Cold is the new one from Floating Di Morel, the long-running northern German band centered around Sabine Blodorn and Kai…
The Dark Side Project Of The Moon
The Company Ltd.
a terrible misunderstanding
**Warehouse find** "Please let me touch Britney's pussy / I'm 10 years old / I die on Thursday." Singular remorseless North London DIY audio-nasty recorded piecemeal in 2001-2007, self-released as a CD a few years later, and now manifesting in the…
It Was The Start Of Another Strange Week
Ashtray Navigations
Memoirs Of An Aesthete
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* INDEED it was. Hot hot hot UK summer days fall in line with the latest CD-r boiler from kosmiche SHAMAN-come-beach-bum Phil Todd, as he continues his arcane convergence of surging psychedelic electronics and ratchet tight, ear-popping…
LP (pre-release)
Not on label
**Limited pre-release of LP coming in Summer 2020.** Vinyl incarnation of the micro-edition cassette from last year. Recommended for fans of Gossiwor, MAAT, Werkbund, LST++. More information to follow.  Hand-stamped test pressing, 15 copies only.   
Generalstrejk (pre-release)
Not on label
**Limited pre-release of long-playing 12" coming in Summer 2020.** 12" of new material from Civilistjävel!, the the 20-minute title track derived from live performances in 2019 and occupying all of Side A here. B/w two tracks more closely aligned with…