Erinnerungen an Gesichter
Brannten Schnüre
Low Company
The third release on our shop label is a city-as-garden dream-vision rendered in cut-glass Sprechgesang, elegantly mouldering chamber music and uniquely sensitive, minimal electronics. Fragments of the antique/pastoral instrumentation that characterised Katie Rich and Christian Schoppik’s previous work as Brannten…
Old and Red
Thomas Bush
Men Scryfa
**WAREHOUSE FIND** "Finally, a vinyl pressing of Thomas Bush’s Old and Red, via his commendably unhurried Men Scryfa private press (last seen abetting John T. Gast's Exile in 2013). What a record it is: taking in droll, digressive threshold-pop, plaintive…
The Word
Special Occasion
Low Company
Pristine rhythm and blooz for fugitive hearts from David C. Gray and Guy Gormley, recorded round the corner from the shop. The Word’s sleek, synthetic urban pastorals collapse the space between the OCD pop geometries of Pyrolator, the opaque art-ache of…
Bortom E4's Horrisont
Karl Lindh
Low Company
Smudgy existential electronics / pristine minimal jazz with a furtive, fugitive feel…the sound of seeing out your retirement in some anodyne lakeside spa resort, nailing endless schnapps to ward off memories of that unspeakable (but accidental, you swear it!) crime you committed…
Domestic Saga
5 Gate Temple
Blow wind, blow… one-take nautical folk anthems / underwater futures produced by John T. Gast and MC Boli, marrying minimalist, quasi-ceremonial orchestrations and massed pipes of un-peace to spacy Berlin-School electronics and plate-shifting, ship-sinking UK soundsystem pressure. 35 minutes of…
Jane Arden & Jack Bond
Low Company
**NOW SHIPPING** What do you think of when you think of British film? Probably not the 1979 ‘puzzle picture’ that is Anti-Clock. And yet, for anyone who has seen this extraordinary film, it would be unlikely that they could forget it.…
Not on label
**Warehouse find** The third volume of Civilistjävel! is upon us...need we say more?! Full-body immersion this time...hope ye packed your bathing suit!  Edition of 199 numbered copies with hand-pasted sleeves, one per customer please.     
Kings X
John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple
Two-track 12" of armour-plated, tripped-out, dizzyingly uptempo steppers tekno / raw-lion-dubbs...original mix + extended FX version that unfurls into deadly halftime lurch...out-and-out soundsystem warheads both; ridiculous, ram-raiding sub-bass. 22 mins of music approx. DL inc.    
I Can I Can't
I Can I Can't
Low Company
*Warehouse find - last copies* Fire in the hold!!!!!!!!!!! LP/action-painting documenting the entire musical output/psychosis/self-immolation of short-lived North London destruction-unit I Can I Can’t, all previously unreleased. Side One consists of six barking, bucking audiac anxiety attacks recorded to dictaphone in…
1 (re-press)
Not On Label
**Warehouse find** Re-press in plain paper sleeve. The first officially available material from the ultra-covert Civilistjavel! project - primarily active in Sweden in the 1990s, their work has never been properly documented outside of their own private tape/CDR-trading networks. How we stumbled…