3 (re-press)
Not on label
**Warehouse find - last copies.** Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just say that this third volume of late…
Various Artists
Low Company
Absolutely TYPICAL that our long-gestating Businesslunch! comp should materialise at a time when everyone’s business, and lunch, is under unforeseen threat… Savage titular irony aside, this all-you-can-eat international buffet / meat-raffle / disasterpiece - which actually came together late last…
Untitled (Repress)
Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe
The News Cycle
*REPRESS IN PLAIN PAPER SLEEVE* "Wichtig ist: Wie fühlst du dich, wenn du abends ins Bett gehst?" Advanced, microtonal, free tekno trips from beyond the ultraworld…tomorrow’s news today. On ‘Gute Freizeit’, predator-mode bass cuts Moonraker-like across beats broken with fanatical,…
Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1
Not on label
**Warehouse find ** Timely masterclass in sub/urban voidcraft from LST: seven (?) lunatic zoaners and rusted bio-mech dreamweapons “made in isolation from 2009 to the present day”. S'a buzz, more than ever, to behold muzik so attuned to the provisional…
Nkisi presents INITIATION, a new series exploring the hidden phantasmagorical properties of rhythm... a secret drum language only understood by the initiated. Available on 12" and digital, the vinyl edition of 300 is housed in full picture sleeve with original artwork…
Banner / Nore
Junior Loves
Not on label
Sinewy, hard-hitting steppers from London way. Junior Loves has a bit of form, last seen on Tabernacle in 2018, but this new, self-released, hand-scribed 10", with two tracks served up discomix style, is very much its own thing: a timeless, unpretentious cry-tuff encounter…
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist Productions
Now in stock! Pessimist links with longtime associate Karim Maas for twelve untitled, interconnected tracks of paranoid, dub-fissured hip-hop and voidal techno pressure. Forget dnb…this is a downer than downtempo excursion, deep and dread, heavy as a jeep parked on your chest,…
Stone Lizard
Heith & Weightausend
Back in stock.  Following on from his Mud EP, one of this year’s most distinctive, body- and mind-contorting dancefloor 12”s, Haunter Records boss Heith fires up his Saucers private press for a KILLER collaboration with longtime sparring partner Weightausend. Seriously, this is…
Dorothea Riga Verlag
**WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF OUR ALLOCATION OF THIS LP, BUT LIMITED COPIES ARE BEING DISTRIBUTED TO OTHER SHOPS FOR JULY 23 RELEASE** Vinyl pressing of the elusive 2019 tape release. Very slightly abridged. No digital. More information to follow.  Tracklist:A1.…
Ibiza Redux
Special Occasion
Jolly Discs
Dunno how it’s going wherever you are in the world, but - UNTIL TODAY AT LEAST - summer in London 2019 has been, to use the official meteorological term, “utter shite”. Thank god then for this factor-30-slathered 6-track 12” from…