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Harutaka Mochizuki | Makoto Kawashima (Free Wind Mood series)
Harutaka Mochizuki & Makoto Kawashima
Pre-order only. Expected around September 1, 2018.  Edition of 275. Comes in a heavy old style silk-screened jacket with obi, postcards & inserts. Printed by Alan Sherry, with liner notes by Michel Henritzi."During the past decade, a number of free…
3, 6, 9: The Trinity Alignment
Various Artists
Light Sounds Dark
Mo' UFOs from LSD...2LP.
Group A
Kashual Plastik
Storming new 12" of stricken tone-poems and minimal industrial manoeuvres from Japanese duo Group A. The pitched-down, smacked-out YMOisms of 'Consumer' and the itchy no wave of the title track stand out by virtue of their fully techno-compatible PULSE, but Group…
Tim Reaper
7th Storey Projects
Parts 1 (reissue)
Accidental Jnr
Timeless, impossibly elegant house reissued. 'See You On Monday' - proper tearjerker!
Set Free EP
Forest Drive West
Rupture London
The Deepest Sound of Blaze
Groovin Recordings
Six stone-killer productions from the legendary duo of Josh Milan and Kevin Hedge. 2x12". Does exactly what it says on the tin!
A Happy Return
A Happy Return
Spillage Fete
Astonishingly beautiful private press LP from Mat Fowler, Aimée Henderson and their daughter Agnes Bell. Sketches of innocence and experience recorded before and after Agnes’s birth on January 27th, 2017, in their living room on Sprules Road. A Happy Return glows with the…
Bank of England
A Colourful Storm
"A Colourful Storm presents the first vinyl edition of Blueboy's The Bank Of England - the third and final chapter in a canon of indie-pop and DIY perfection. "Succeeding If Wishes Were Horses (Sarah Records, 1992) and Unisex (1994), The Bank Of England shines as a masterpiece of mature,…
Old World Disorder
Karim Maas
Lawless but carefully wrought d’n’b/electro/dark-ambient experiments from incognito UVB-76 operative Karim Maas (“a familiar face behind a new mask," apparently).  ‘C_C_E_D’ is a lean, mean, dungeon-stepper in the vein of classic Ruffhouse (‘Straight 9’s, ‘The Foot’++), but with even more missile-like…