All-time faves at end-times prices!

Coming Together
Frederic Rzweski
Black Sweat Records
**MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!** 'Coming Together' - a powerful, escalating time-bomb-composition that frames the writings of Sam Melville, a political prisoner who was killed by state troopers in the Attica State prison uprising in 1971, where inmates took control of…
Dark Fields
Bonkers Catalonian minimal synth / post-industrial contortions that sound a bit like a young Richard H. Kirk taking a real dizzy turn when it’s at it’s most tuneful, perhaps more glaringly, it’s EXACTLY what we always wanted those Los Incianados…
Time Out Of Mind
La Scie Dorée
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate are moved to quote Verlaine, out of context but not at all unreasonably, to describe Time Out Of Mind's unusual density and mood: “Shaded tints we desire, no colour only tints and…
Some Kind Of Trip: Singles 1990-1994
Television Personalities
**MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!** Gatefold double LP. "A comprehensive remastered collection of all of the Television Personalities’ ground-breaking single releases from the evocative Strangely Beautiful EP through to the dark introspective terrain of Far Away And Lost In Joy. Includes the super rare Favourite Films 12-inch…
Flashbacks & Dream Sequences: The Story of The Moles
**MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!** Back in stock...Fire's definitive 2LP compilation of godlike genius Richard Davies' star-crossed nearlymen, essentially combining the albums Untune The Sky and Instinct. Hands down one of the greatest bands ever to come out of the Aussie underground,…
The Dead Bears
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Jochem Peteri’s dewy, thugged-out ambient / hypno-house epic, The Dead Bears, remastered and re-cut across three LPs to include the tracks that were previously only on the CD. Feels like a lifetime ago that this full-length fever-dream…
The Next
Pacific City Sound Visions
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!*  Following on from those important and far-sighted revivals of Vox Populi’s Half Dead Ganja Music and Frank Dommert’s Kiefermusik, Spencer Clark turns his occasional arkival attentions to the cenobitic electronics and water-snake concrète of Hamburg artist…
Rock Y Roll
Vic Serf & The Villians
War Extension
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Back in stock! Second coming of the worst - that is to say, BEST - rock'n'roll album of all time… a mind-squidging piece of inverted science fiction, a violent, loving act of genre vandalism, and one…
Il Bestiario
Maria Monti
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Re-press now in stock. Mind-blowing revive from Holidays... minimalist jazz-folk/art-song from 1974, featuring Alvin Curran and Steve Lacy. Recommended for fans of Norma Winstone / Azimuth, Brannten Schnure, Emmanuelle Parenin and the like.  "Deluxe vinyl reissue…
Black Pool Legacy
Ceramic Hobs
Harbinger Sound
**MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!** HEAVYWEIGHT retrospective of a band that truly deserve the oft-bandied assignation “underground” - even if it has (I mean it definitely has) become less and less of a FEELING and more and more of a marketing technique,…