Anna Högberg Attack
Anna Högberg Attack
(f)lute songs
Mary Jane Leach
Modern Love
"The" 1978-1983
Chen Yi
90% Wasser
FUCK this one really left a dent in me dome when I first heard it, in fact that dent is still there, so aye, mechanically speaking, it was a total write-off the first time I heard The Chen Yi.  Admittedly,…
The O. Theorem
hans w. koch
Edition Telemark
"hans w. koch is a Cologne-based composer, performer, and sound artist. His work encompasses pieces for chamber and large orchestra, experimental scores for instruments, computers and everyday objects, sound installations, electronic music, etc. He summarizes his art as being about…
The Lost Tape and Three Required Musics
Ben Patterson
Edition Telemark
"Radiophonic minutes of the search for a probably lost tape piece, and a reconstruction thereof with real instruments." Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation), Germany, in 2015. When future Fluxus artist Ben Patterson (1934–2016) traveled to Germany in 1960…
Maciunas Ensemble
Maciunas Ensemble
Edition Telemark
Stunning, flexible and spontaneous works from the archives of the Maciunas Ensemble - heavily influenced by minimalist rock and post-punk but highlighting the full spectrum of their sound and showcasing their capacity to operate a third-eye-blinding array of instruments, structures…
Breath For Organ
Eva-Maria Houben
Second Editions
A sombre, sparse, highly abstract long-form piece from composer/organist/musicologist Eva-Maria Houben, conceived as a kind of requiem for the now displaced pipe organ of the late St. Franziskus church in Krefeld, Germany. No, it's not party music, but it an unexpectedly sensuous…
De Fabriek
BFE Records
In My Arms, Many Flowers
Daniel Schmidt & The Berkeley Gamelan
A gift like a hollow vessel
Arek Gulbenkoglu
Penultimate Press
"Melbourne based artist Arek Gulbenkoglu presents his second full length album for Penultimate Press. Following on from the 2017 release Three days afterwards, A gift like a hollow vessel sees a sharper scalpel at play resulting in a more nuanced…