Sakai Ishinage Odori
Sakai Ishinage Odori Preservation Society
"EM Records is proud to present, following 'Yumi Kagura', the second edition of the Japanese folklore music series, directed by Riyo Mountains. Japan has a long tradition of annual pre-harvest summer dance festivals, known as Bon-Odori festivals, which continues to…
Group A
Kashual Plastik
Storming new 12" of stricken tone-poems and minimal industrial manoeuvres from Japanese duo Group A. The pitched-down, smacked-out YMOisms of 'Consumer' and the itchy no wave of the title track stand out by virtue of their fully techno-compatible PULSE, but Group…
Bush Lady
Alanis Obomsawin
An emphatic marriage of sparse, minimalist jazz and agonised bellows of cultural identity lie at the heart of the only solo LP of Canada's Alanis Obomsawin: a seemingly unstoppable powerhouse of social activism and esteemed documentary filmmaker. Originally released in…
The Trilogy Tapes
Metasplice out on their own, as per. 2LP.     
Un Beau Matin
Been a bit since we could really sound the horn about a SouffleContinu box arriving but Areski’s Un Beau Matin (‘A Beautiful Morning’) is undoubtedly worthy of LAVISH praise (The fact that it arrived with a merciful repress of Barney…
Black Pool Legacy
Ceramic Hobs
Harbinger Sound
HEAVYWEIGHT retrospective of a band that truly deserve the oft-bandied assignation “underground” - even if it has (I mean it definitely has) become less and less of a FEELING and more and more of a marketing technique, a genre, ultimately just…
Den Røde Skov
Henning Christiansen
Penultimate Press
"Second in a series of two previously unreleased soundtracks Henning Christiansen made for the films made by his partner and collaborator Ursula Reuter Christiansen. Den Røde Skov (The Red Forest) was Ursula’s second film made in 1986. "In stark contrast…
The Executioner
Henning Christiansen
Penultimate Press
The latest two releases from Penultimate Press focus on the previously unreleased soundtracks for the films of Ursula Reuter Christiansen by her partner and collaborator Henning Christiansen. As those of you who picked up his disarmingly lovely Hesteofringen 10” on…
Joe Talia
Black Truffle
Melbourne-born, Tokyo-based Joe Talia scrambles out of the cracks left by Kye with his first solo work worth paying attention to, out on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label. For over a decade Talia has been the consummate collaborator and hired…
Inside Satie
Morgan Fisher
Sacred Summits
"Active for over 50 years Morgan’s career has moved from 60’s number one hit wonders Love Affair, to 70’s rock’n’roll keyboardist in Mott The Hoople, before finally on to 80’s ambient, improvisation and soundtracks, working with the likes of Yoko…