Who Will Listen To The Aches That Everyone Has
Surprise 7" release limited to 150.
Camizole + Lard Free
Camizole + Lard Free
The ranks of Camizole included some of the most essential personalities of the French underground, notably Dominique Grimaud (Vidéo-Aventures), Chris Chanet (Etron Fou Leloublan) and Bernard Filipetti (Art & Technique). Their idea of music, if we look further than the…
Nu Jungle Dances
Nu Creative Methods
Luminous, undersung LP from Pierre Bastien and Bernard Pruvost, billed by Souffle Continu - whose reissue lovingly replicates the original 1978 release on Jac Berrocal and Michel Potage’s d’Advantage label - as a kind of French riposte to Max Eastley…
2LP. "Is freedom worth more than mastery, construction and achievement? In replying yes, the utopians of Camizole clear show which side they are on. For them, musical creation must be as spontaneous as possible. To achieve this, it is better…
City Code
Stefan Christensen
Garden shed, noise shrouded guitar + tape machine fragilities inna Flying Nun style.
Round Bale
Brittle, burbling, opaque minimal synth sufferahs from two moonlighting Mosquitoes, offering a more reduced, scum-electronic take on the fractious decentralised out-rock we know and love them for. Far from throwing out the baby with the bongwater, this self-titled, six-track cassette…
The Next
Pacific City Sound Visions
Following on from those important and far-sighted revivals of Vox Populi’s Half Dead Ganja Music and Frank Dommert’s Kiefermusik, Spencer Clark turns his occasional arkival attentions to the cenobitic electronics and water-snake concrète of Hamburg artist Dörte Marth, aka MAAT,…
The Last LP
Michael Snow
Song Cycle
Man, they don't make Ethnic Forgeries like they used to! Canadian fine artist Michael Snow is best known for his film work, but as a trained jazzer landing in 60s New York, he inevitably became embroiled in the city's mushrooming…
Horizon Capiton
Olivier Brisson
This beautiful, bewildering collage from French artist (and frequent Pascal Comelade collaborator) Olivier Brisson was released back in Spring, but only came to our attention recently, thanks to a recommendation from Nick Horn O'Plenty (ta). Sure enough, it's a stunner, exhilarating and…
Nagual & Stefan Christensen
I Dischi Del Barone