Death Of The Moon & Other Early Works
Rune Lindblad
Fantome Phonographique
Mysterious, ectoplasmic, heavier-than-a-death-in-the-family tone-poems/prophecies by Swedish composer and painter Rune Lindblad (b.1923), recorded in the mid-late 1950s but sounding thrillingly and implausibly now-ish – in all seriousness you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if someone told you they were products of the…
Ultra Eczema
In What's Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone
Chris Petit & Mordant Music
Vinyl-only album by Chris Petit & Mordant Music, inspired by a freeze frame accidentally rendered from Petit’s late-night viewing of Nicolas Roeg’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’. "In a time of such free-floating anxiety and bad political hair, with…
Galerie Randolph
Ruedi Häusermann
Black Truffle
Brittle, beautiful, bonce-rearranging alien jazz geometries… poised yet playful and liable to completely dish your understanding of linear time…like a 3D chess match with some future-folkloric trickster/daemon you’ve bugger-all chance of beating (literally none) yet feel compelled in your earthly arrogance…
Svitlana Nianio
Pellucid, visionary, shatteringly beautiful deep-space folk/art-song from Ukrainian seraph Svitlana Nianio, available again for the first time since its initial release in 1999. Some of you will be familiar with Nianio's privately-released 1996 tape Lisova Koleciya, thanks to Skire’s revelatory reissue a couple…
The Threats Of Memories
Steven Stapleton & David Tibet
United Dirter
Oh, the sadness of things! DEADLY convenient, powerfully psychedelic herd of collaborations, mostly from the '90s, and arguably some both artists most accomplished material.    
Future Print
De Fabriek
Post-Materialization Music
More deranged rhythmic brainstorms from De Fabriek - a tiny wee re-run of 1982’s “Future Print” - a near invisible glob of 80s cassette gristle skulking around the dense and blistered shadow of their IMMENSE industrial //experimental back catalogue -…
Daniel Vallancien / Philippe Mate
Daniel Vallancien / Philippe Mate
TOP tier sound exploration from saxophonist  Philippe Mate and Daniel Vallancien; Mate submitting his beloved saxophone to a thorough sieving and steaming by his pal DV and his maverick engineering prowess - Vallancien, a seeming lynchpin of the whole 70s…
Tapes Von Unterwegs 1971 - 1976
Jürgen Ploog
Moloko Plus
Max Brand Studie IV - T O P I A
Essential harbour city sorrows and nightmare, electro-bubblebaths in the Hamburg docklands, top synth physician Felix Kubin and his Max Brand hash out their differences to create two spacious, long-form oscillations of rasping analogue textures for the walking wounded. The two…