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New and sadly final issue of our favourite zine going, Fördämning out of Gothenburg. Interviews with Mosquitoes, our very own Itchy Bugger, Slender, Levane Begravd, Knotwilg Records, Independent Woman Records, Regional Bear, plus a feature on The Shadow Ring’s Lighthouse/Lindus/I’m…
De Leon
De Leon
One of 2018's best, back in stock!  "Gamelan and capoeira in dub. The collective behind this doesn’t like to talk much but their music is beautifully conversational. De Leon is the most organic and percussive of their shifting identities, developed on their Aught…
Les Editions Japonais
High expectations for this label from Japan Blues - the pretty unambiguously named Les Editions Japonais. First release exceeds them. Kufuki is a Tokyo four-piece formed in 2010; Dodome is their attempt at electrifying - that is to say electronicizing…
El Dorado
12th Isle
Back in stock!  "Experimental cinema sonics, electroacoustic research practice and shadowy wind instruments come together to form this unique interpretation of the mythical city of gold. Utilising rare, half forgotten Soviet era synthesisers Vladimir Karpov creates immersive soundscapes under the…
Estórias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos
"The legendary debut of Jocy De Oliveira - and a landmark classic from the 70s Brazlian Electronic music scene. To quote Keith Fullerton Whitman, this is the "lost Tropicalia / Psych / free-Vocal / Ring-Modulator freakout / jam hybrid that you’ve only…
Uncertainty Principle
Back in stock! Tight, ballistic, subs-bombing future-tekno/bleep gear from a new label - reinforcing rave fundamentals with ultra-modern sound design so pneumatic you feel like your eyeballs might get sucked out of their sockets. Opening its account with a track…
I Am Your Master
DJ Bert & Eagle
Back in stock. Ships Friday.  Ludicrous, brilliant horror-wave oddity from Belgium. Stroom in full effect. 
Integrier Dich Du Yuppie
A Colourful Storm
You know it's 2018 when the best dnb record of the month is also a conceptual petrol-bomb railing against the accelerated gentrification of Berlin. Blimey, it's a far cry from 'Da Bass II Dark'...but also maybe not...resistance, isn't that the thing...?…
Isole Del Suono
Futuro Antico
Black Sweat Records
Jan Zonder Vrees
Alain Pierre
Stroom's celebrated first release, re-pressed.  "Dark ambient/synth LP for Belgium's first long animated picture! Teenage horror cult from Flanders...full cartoon art, comes with download code." - Stroom