Best of 2017

Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing is our record of the year (2017). Of course this is largely down to the music, and the whole seductive black-hole aura of the thing -…
Depressive, zonked industrial-folk album of the highest order. Sofie Herner brings something absolutely sinister to this record (but when doesn’t she? - check out her solo project Leda…
Short Passing Game
Davy Kehoe
Wah Wah Wino
Re-press of one of this year's most deservedly frotted-against releases. Apologies if you already know/own it, but it's worth flagging up for those who don't.  For one thing Short Passing Game feels…
More Wealth Than Money
Normil Hawaiians
Upset The Rhythm
Finally re-pressed!  Bury us happy: the lost debut album from Normal Hawaiians, one of the great unsung UK art-rock bands, officially released for the first time some 35 years…
Inna Babalon
John T. Gast
Back in stock... last copies!  Double-vinyl pressing of John T. Gast’s Inna Babalon courtesy Italy’s Haunter Records. Originally released as a tape on his own 5 Gate Temple…
ulf / fdm
Floating Di Morel
Play Loud! Productions
Germany's foremost practitioners of laconic, sickly drone-punk minimalism Kai Drewitz and Sabine Blödorn return with what will surely be seen as their late (mid?) period masterpiece. It's a collaboration…
V 2.0-2.9
Waveform Transmission
Astral Industries
Astral Industries follows its wonderful Chi Factory and Heavenly Music Corporation sets with a revival of Rod Modell and Chris Troy’s Waveform Transmission project. Existing at a slight…
Low Life
"Ya fuckin’ dog cunt…" Low Life’s modern classic of thugged-out, misanthropic murder-punk, reissued by Alter. Recorded in Sydney in 2012 and originally slated to come out on Brendon…
Brannten Schnure
Dark, psychedelic folk-song fragments and unheimlich electronics from a German duo featuring Christian Schoppik (also of Diamanteter Oberhof), and apparently inspired by Nico, Novy Svet and David Jackman.…
Christian Dugstad & Danielle Innocenti
Oblivion Dip
Dense, palpitating hypnobeat and dark ambient from somewhere in the Sex Tags kosmos. The A-side offers two fairly brisk and banging acid-techno cuts, the trackier, more bleakly Teutonic-sounding second…