Best of 2017

LP 2
Heavy Metal
Static Age
Back in stock! Second outing for beloved Berlin space-punk negativists. Re-press with blue-on-white artwork after first run flew. Instant DIY classic, and almost certainly album of the year.…
The Garden
Carla dal Forno
Blackest Ever Black
We decided that BEB releases should be ineligible for our main best-of-2017 list - because it's hard for us to look objective. Had to make an exception though…
Lisova Kolekciya
Svitlana Nianio
Mysterious art-song and astrally-attuned electronics on this quietly stunning LP, originally circulated as a private cassette edition in 1996, and now available on vinyl for the first time…
I Won't Have To Think About You
Various Artists
A Colourful Storm
A comp of 80s and 90s Australian indie-pop, jangle and songs for the lovelorn librarian in us all. Music that so powerfully evokes the hormonal rush and ache…
Grim Zenith EP
Christoph De Babalon
Immaculately produced, darkside breakbeat deconstructions and chasmic industrial 'scapes. This is the record we’ve been waiting for from feels like the perfect synthesis of Nina and Tobi’s tastes...extremely…
Back in stock! 2017 reissue of Jochem 'Newworldaquarium' Peteri's smoked-out, subaquatic techno opus from 2004, something of a modern classic, as opaque and absorbing it was thirteen years…
Blubber Totum
Cru Servers
12th Isle
Re-press here at looooooong last!  A year on from their opening salvo, 12th Isle deliver an LP of warped amphibian techno-delia and tranqu'd-out hip-hop from Glasgow's Cru Servers. Sounds at…
La Vida Es Un Mus
Minimal street-punk assassinators from Rixe...all twelve tracks from their three EPs to date compiled into one brisk and brutal set, "remastered for maximum volume". Their 2015 debut Coup…
All about 'Extended Mix', which maps breakbeats onto deep house's infinite wave with truly original, awe-inspiring results. Somehow cold and blissy at the same time. Forget everything you…
Il Bestiario
Maria Monti
Re-press now in stock. Mind-blowing revive from Holidays... minimalist jazz-folk/art-song from 1974, featuring Alvin Curran and Steve Lacy. Recommended for fans of Norma Winstone / Azimuth, Brannten Schnure,…