Best of 2017

T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Back in stock! Remastered edition of one of Photek's most majestic and ageless offerings, originally released on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-ART in '96 and remastered here for a new…
Wanci not wanky. Indonesian musicians produced by Rabih Beaini.  The latest offering from Morphine has barely left the turntable since its arrival here. Tarawangsawelas, a duo from Bandung,…
Static Age
Killer, previously unreleased all-female '78 swisspunk, featuring vocalist Astrid Spirig (who was Liliput's third singer and sang on both their LPs), Loredana Zandonella (bass) and Gitta Gsell (drums).…
R.ess 048
Hidden Village
"Excavated from a now lost cassette, ‘CRG77’ is a series of improvisations conceived of little sleep and minimal natural light. Perhaps best described as the sonic equivalent of…
Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2
Mood Hut
Glistening, fourth-world-spiced psilocybic dreamscapes, ultimately uncategorisable and totally indispensable. Re-pressed with different (still smart) artwork.    
Gras H'utsi
Spillage Fete
Electro-acoustic hocus pocus and melancholic, digitally disrupted chamber-folk miniatures from the trio of Kevin Cormack, Matthew Hunt and Mathew Fowler... like a Witchseason production hijacked by Position Normal. Fowler and…
Meltdown Of The Highest Order
Porridge Bullet
Skewed, gloopy electronics. Genuine air of madness. But not annoying. Yes: a meltdown of the highest order. Best thing we've heard in this vein since the Davy Kehoe…
Intra Musique
Jacques Thollot
Alga Marghen
Back in stock!  Thrilling Alga Marghen: a salvaged reel-to-reel recording of a key ’69 performance by prodigious drummer Jacques Thollot and band. Not a name usually mentioned as part…
Stack Music
Konrad Sprenger
"Having felt restrained by the limits of traditional instruments and the techniques tied to them, composer, music producer and artist, Konrad Sprenger (b. Joerg Hiller), spent years developing…
Globex Corp Volume 3
Tim Reaper & Dwarde
7th Storey Projects
The best of the three volumes (to date) of Tim Reaper and Dwarde's old-skool revivalism. The last word in 2017 junglist tekno necromancing.