Crucial reissues & archival

You / King Of The Beats
Dom & Roland Productions
Ugh! Dom & Roland blow the cobwebs off what is surely the tuffest of the unreleased Dillinja dubplates that ex RAVERS turned Youtube gawkers / Discogs contributors have coveted for all these years.  'You', hammered out in ’94, sports some…
Bitter Blood: A Collection Of Archival Recordings
Released in parallel with an Arcola 12” of his “lost” Mo’Wax productions, this compilation from new imprint Disciples focusses on the more DIY/industrial-hued creations of cult producer Dan Dwayre aka Black Lodge. It's pretty hard to peg this bloke. A…
Simple Elements
Prisoner Of Sound
Seminal Brum techno from Simple Elements aka House of God resident Nicky B. This rare double-pack, originally released in ’97 on Neil Macey's Ideal Trax, has accrued something close to legendary status, and it's easy to see why: er, it's f*****g…
Sing & Shout
The Chosen Brothers
"A fresh iteration of the mid-eighties LP (itself a compilation of recordings from the previous five years or so), replacing two tracks — Dancing In The Rain and All Things — with their full 12” versions.  "This is a deeply…
Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Industrialised synth-punk/body-horror from '90s Chicago. Taking inspiration from Front 242, Skinny Puppy, early NiN, Lassigue Bendthaus etc, U.S.O.C.A. pedalled a kind of gristly, militaristic aggro-funk that would've been right at home on Wax Trax!, while also, in its more playful moments,…
Check 4 U
Be With
Sublime, highly sought-after (some c**t on Discogs has it listed for £2k) UK street-soul banger from '96 reissued on Be With, backed with a new and irresistible garage mix from Metrodome.) 'Check 4 U''s sultry, poppy, slo-mo and above all…
No Love Lost
Omega Tribe
Sealed Records
Remastered reissue of this idiosyncratic, melancholic peace-punk death-trip, originally released in '83 on Corpus Christi. On this, their one and only album, Omega Tribe are picketing the same displays of government fuckery and asking the same big questions ("What the hell am…
Six-tracker of quality archival material from D'Arcangelo, most of it previously unreleased. This follows Suction's reissue of the perfectly po-faced Italian duo's 1996 Rephlex EP, and the label bill it as an "imaginary sequel" to that much-loved record. Personally, we…
August 1974
Taj Mahal Travellers
Aguirre Records
F****g finally! First legit vinyl reissue of Taj Mahal Travellers channelling the earth’s most haunted vibrations in 1974, remastered by Rashad Becker, and pressed on actual vinyl (two LPs to be precise), in an actual sleeve (woiii!). Takehisa Kosugi’s intrepid,…
The Just Measurers
Emotional Response
How blessed are we to have this restive, roiling UK DIY/avant-punk masterpiece - a truly special and coveted record from the godlike trio of Chris Gray (Amos & Sara), Jim Welton and Lepke Buchvalter (under pseudonyms of course: out to Narki…