No Side
The Comes
La Vida Es Un Mus
BIG DAWG Tokyo hardcore LP reissued with the utmost care and precision. More speed and violence and attitude than a one-eyed seagull attacking a carrier-bag of kebab... Monster!    
Destroy All Art Vol. 2
Various Artists
Rock N' Roll Parasite
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE!* REQUIRED WRECKERS! The second (and final?) instalment of Andrew Winton’s DESTROY ALL ART compilations. These amazing LPs do for raw 90s US murder-punk / lo-fi spazz what Killed By Death did for the ’70s/‘80s sub-underground, lining up 30-odd tracks…
Daniel Vallancien / Philippe Mate
Daniel Vallancien / Philippe Mate
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* TOP tier sound exploration from saxophonist  Philippe Mate and Daniel Vallancien; Mate submitting his beloved saxophone to a thorough sieving and steaming by his pal DV and his maverick engineering prowess - Vallancien, a seeming lynchpin…
The Just Measurers
Emotional Response
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* How blessed are we to have this restive, roiling UK DIY/avant-punk masterpiece - a truly special and coveted record from the godlike trio of Chris Gray (Amos & Sara), Jim Welton and Lepke Buchvalter (under pseudonyms of…
Privilege (Special Edition)
Television Personalities
Fire Records
Late TVPs at their best. A huge personal favourite too. Dan Treacy has never sounded so depressed and defeated ('All My Dreams Are Dead'!), but his crushing sense of LOSS is, sad to say, our GAIN. Eschewing the dense, darkling drug-fug…
Robert Turman
Spectrum Spools
TURMANATOR TRANCE! Nerve-damaged, hallucinatory zoners non pareil...Robert Turman’s Flux is back in print on eat-yer-dinner-off-it 2LP and as mesmerising, whacked-out and unsettling as ever. Fuck me, it’s so good. I have no idea where RT’s head was at when he…
Coïtus Int.
Coïtus Int.
Self released 1981 braindamaged-punk unit’s debut LP and follow up to the stormy “Dead Excitement” EP. Sedated, introspective slurs in murmur'd English over a unit of granite-trapped schoolboys hashing out the kinda tense but meditative, harmonic guitar-bleeding and knife slit…
Zark Time EP
Mat Carter
Zark time! Re-press of DEADLY and rare early noughts 12” from Mat Carter, the perfect intersection of minimal, electro and broken UK techno, somehow both low-slung and ultra-compressed. I LIVED for this sort of stuff in the early-mid 2000s, but…
Editions Mego
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* "With the demise of the group Wire in 1980, founder members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome. With the assistance of engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio Dome took the ethic…
Time Out Of Mind
La Scie Dorée
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate are moved to quote Verlaine, out of context but not at all unreasonably, to describe Time Out Of Mind's unusual density and mood: “Shaded tints we desire, no colour only tints and…