Old and Red
Thomas Bush
Men Scryfa
**WAREHOUSE FIND** "Finally, a vinyl pressing of Thomas Bush’s Old and Red, via his commendably unhurried Men Scryfa private press (last seen abetting John T. Gast's Exile in 2013). What a record it is: taking in droll, digressive threshold-pop, plaintive…
Kings X
John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple
Two-track 12" of armour-plated, tripped-out, dizzyingly uptempo steppers tekno / raw-lion-dubbs...original mix + extended FX version that unfurls into deadly halftime lurch...out-and-out soundsystem warheads both; ridiculous, ram-raiding sub-bass. 22 mins of music approx. DL inc.    
Back in stock.  Blind-siding EP of devil-mix atmospherics and shapeshifting, fractural sound design - the latest offering from Heith (Haunter Records ++) and the first release on his new outlet - SAUCERS. For all its psychic, slow-burning umami, “Mud” floats…
Pessimist Productions
New no-fuss label from Pessimist focussed on (yep!) his own productions and collaborations. This first outing offers up two droning, paranoid breakbeat dreadnoughts that are unmistakeable Pess. The signature numinous drones and all-pervading sense of DREAD are present and correct, but rhythmically…
Untitled (Repress)
Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe
The News Cycle
*REPRESS IN PLAIN PAPER SLEEVE* "Wichtig ist: Wie fühlst du dich, wenn du abends ins Bett gehst?" Advanced, microtonal, free tekno trips from beyond the ultraworld…tomorrow’s news today. On ‘Gute Freizeit’, predator-mode bass cuts Moonraker-like across beats broken with fanatical,…
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist Productions
Now in stock! Pessimist links with longtime associate Karim Maas for twelve untitled, interconnected tracks of paranoid, dub-fissured hip-hop and voidal techno pressure. Forget dnb…this is a downer than downtempo excursion, deep and dread, heavy as a jeep parked on your chest,…
Jolly Discs
Limited vinyl pressing of Never's self-titled debut...not only one of the finest Jolly Discs tapes so far, but also one of the great subterranean pop albums (or mini-album...whatever) of recent times. It's a collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Sam Bardsley and JD co-founder Guy Gormley (aka Enchante, one…
Not on label
"Renaissance space music." Edition of 25... properly sick... recommended for the kind of messed-up folk into Werkbund, Gossiwor, Civilistjavel!, Thuja, MAAT... don't miss. C40.    
Gras H'utsi
Spillage Fete
Electro-acoustic hocus pocus and melancholic, digitally disrupted chamber-folk miniatures from the trio of Kevin Cormack, Matthew Hunt and Mathew Fowler... like a Witchseason production hijacked by Position Normal. Fowler and Cormack are behind some of our favourite underground sides of recent times, all…
God Bless The Death Drive
Triple Negative
Penultimate Press
All aboard! The dark, dislocated return of you-know-who rattles with instinctive, subliminal voodoo ENCHANTMENT. Yes, if trance was the gradual appearing and reappearing of rhythms between the eloquent swells of fragile, drone-folk cascades and spiralling, distorted madness, like the emergence…