Vibe Collins EP
*NOW SHIPPING* New London worries>>>> 12". Vinyl-only release, 200ish copies.  Tracklist:A1. Muggy (6:29)B1. 8 Bar Dub (3:48)B2. Vibe Collins (6:03)  IN STOCK | WAI ONE | 12" | CUT AT MUSIC HOUSE | GENERAL RELEASE: DEC 14, 2020 | WHOLESALE…
Nkisi presents INITIATION, a new series exploring the hidden phantasmagorical properties of rhythm... a secret drum language only understood by the initiated. Available on 12" and digital, the vinyl edition of 300 is housed in full picture sleeve with original artwork…
Yantlet / Grain
Junior Loves
5 Gate Temple
"...ON THE TIDES THAT BROUGHT US HERE." Tracklist:A1. YantletA2. Yantlet (First Passage Version)B1. GrainB2. Grain (Return Version)  IN STOCK | 5GTJL10 | MASTERED AND CUT BY STARDELTA | ARTWORK BY CITRUS & MUSK + JUNIOR | RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 11, 2020  
Flaming Tunes
Flaming Tunes
Superior Viaduct
Now in stock!  Apparently quite good.  Clear vinyl edition (cat# SV170X).     
3 (re-press)
Not on label
**Warehouse find - last copies.** Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just say that this third volume of late…
Kings X
John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple
Two-track 12" of armour-plated, tripped-out, dizzyingly uptempo steppers tekno / raw-lion-dubbs...original mix + extended FX version that unfurls into deadly halftime lurch...out-and-out soundsystem warheads both; ridiculous, ram-raiding sub-bass. 22 mins of music approx. DL inc.    
A Year Closer
Maths Balances Volumes
Penultimate Press
"It makes less sense to say that Maths Balance Volumes formed in 2002 than to say that, since that year, they have been collapsing into something, again and again. Just as the three members fell together with no plan or allegiance…
Live At Browns
Vertical Slit
Emerging from the shadows of Siltbreez HQ as hench and ready to rumble as the sunstroked arachnids that have started appearing in our house over the last few days, this blazing live doc of Vertical Slit straps the perpetually idle…
The Four Sisters
Rose Hobart
New Zealand’s intimist pop quartet Entlang weren’t with us for very long – a few years during the 1990s, and then they were done. In that time, the group, an offshoot of now-féted noise-pop group The Garbage & The Flowers,…
Rose Hobart
Thuja’s 2002 album, Hills, emerged out of a particularly productive phase for the loose assemblage of musicians known as the Jewelled Antler Collective. Extant since the late 1990s, formed in San Francisco, Jewelled Antler had developed out of a certain…