Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1
Not on label
**Warehouse find ** Timely masterclass in sub/urban voidcraft from LST: seven (?) lunatic zoaners and rusted bio-mech dreamweapons “made in isolation from 2009 to the present day”. S'a buzz, more than ever, to behold muzik so attuned to the provisional…
The Dark Side Project Of The Moon
The Company Ltd.
a terrible misunderstanding
**Warehouse find** "Please let me touch Britney's pussy / I'm 10 years old / I die on Thursday." Singular remorseless North London DIY audio-nasty recorded piecemeal in 2001-2007, self-released as a CD a few years later, and now manifesting in the…
Machines Werk
Romantic Net
**Warehouse find** Sublimely poised astral melancholia / art-decade drone-poems of uncommon delicacy AND depth of feeling. A truly ravishing and redemptive listen. More information and grasping comparisons to follow, probably, but for now kinda think it speaks for itself -…
The Doozer
Low Company
From gardens where we feel insecure! In Figurines, across a dozen elegiac, sighing song-dreams of innocence and experience, The Doozer conjures a mental allotment whose very seclusion and orderliness acts as some kinda portal to the infinite…  The Doozer -…
Keep A Distance
Romantic Net
**Warehouse find** Drained but poignant Desertshore visions...earthy, unruly, atavistic folk energies married to beautifully latticed, extraterrestrial electronics...a Mars-probe manned by Pärson Sound / Träd, Gräs Och Stenar hairies, with a cross-legged, strung-out Klaus Schulze running mission control. Sky-sawing harmonium drones...echoes of…