Start To End
The Jaffa Kid
La Beauté Du Négatif
Amazing, NEW ambient d'n'b - lovely submerged, rolling breaks + dreamy synths that nod to the melancholic heyday of UK AI / Detroit techno. Think Photek's 'T-Raenon' or Convextion/ERP if he was a junglist... yeah that good!
Tim Reaper
7th Storey Projects
Set Free EP
Forest Drive West
Rupture London
Old World Disorder
Karim Maas
Lawless but carefully wrought d’n’b/electro/dark-ambient experiments from incognito UVB-76 operative Karim Maas (“a familiar face behind a new mask," apparently).  ‘C_C_E_D’ is a lean, mean, dungeon-stepper in the vein of classic Ruffhouse (‘Straight 9’s, ‘The Foot’++), but with even more missile-like…
Bewildered (2018 Remaster)
Mirage (Source Direct)
"After a 20-year hiatus, respected 90’s D&B imprint Odysee Recordings launches its return with a digital re-master and remix of Bewildered. Originally released in 1995 (ODY04), this track featured on the first E.P. under the ‘Mirage’ moniker; a collaboration between…
You / King Of The Beats
Dom & Roland Productions
Ugh! Dom & Roland blow the cobwebs off what is surely the tuffest of the unreleased Dillinja dubplates that ex RAVERS turned Youtube gawkers / Discogs contributors have coveted for all these years.  'You', hammered out in ’94, sports some…
The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run
Shop favourite MARK returns stronger than ever after disposing of the bodies of some corporate weasel fuck-boys, thoroughly baw-twanged by his previous EPs for A Colourful Storm. At points “The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run” (a…
Astral Perception
Stylish techno/dnb/grey-area investigations from ASC, quality as ever.
Brothers Unite / What Goes Around
Dub One
Foundation X Black Series
New DROOGS!!! The second instalment in this very collectible but also brilliantly functional white label series of war-dubs is an Aspect solo mission, and we think it's fair to say it's RIDICULOUS - in the overwhelmingly positive sense of the…