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4 6 2 5
4 6 2 5
A new label and group project, 4 6 2 5, which is a cloak and dagger affair but bears (we think?!) obvious traces of Pessimist, Vega, Karim Maas and Overlook. A kind of UVB-76 allstars then, and as good, and…
New DROOGS!!! The second instalment in this very collectible but also brilliantly functional white label series of war-dubs is an Aspect solo mission, and we think it's fair to say it's RIDICULOUS - in the overwhelmingly positive sense of the…
Deadline Paranoia
Having set the bar incredibly high with that Narwal LP (last copies available from us, bub), deepest dredger of the Dutch canalways, Jeroem Vermandere, brings us the second release on his Ongehoord imprint, a crucial document of mesmeric, ganja-steeped, outernational…
Shinichi Atobe
Demdike Stare's reissue of the gauzy, melancholic Chain Reaction classic - Atobe's masterpiece - available again, this time in a blue vinyl edition of 300. Faultless and essential.      
Another Place
Nous'klaer Audio
Brilliant, spaced out techno. These won't hang around!      
The Executioner
Henning Christiansen
Penultimate Press
The latest two releases from Penultimate Press focus on the previously unreleased soundtracks for the films of Ursula Reuter Christiansen by her partner and collaborator Henning Christiansen. As those of you who picked up his disarmingly lovely Hesteofringen 10” on…
Dennis Bovell
Old School
Evergreen Matumbi magic reissued! Until now this slice of dewy-eyed but hard-hitting '77 lovers was available only on the original (and of late prohibitively expensive) More Cut 7" - so this fresh pressing, though not much to look at, is…
Steven Julien
Album of the year so far?! Yes!!!!!!!! Rated Steven Funkineven's last full-length, the unmistakeably special Fallen - but dunno, at times it felt a little aloof and meandering, in the end perhaps not quite transcending its sketchbook premise. Bloodline seems a more coherent and…
Uncertainty Principle
Back in stock! Tight, ballistic, subs-bombing future-tekno/bleep gear from a new label - reinforcing rave fundamentals with ultra-modern sound design so pneumatic you feel like your eyeballs might get sucked out of their sockets. Opening its account with a track…
Various Artists
Mélodies Souterraines
Another irresistible cache of outsider electronics, ambient obscurities and wavey weapons for the indecisive DJ, shrewdly compiled by Melodie Souterraines and pressed up in a edition of 250. Those who like their comps to have a scholarly/historical approach will doubtless…