A Gathering Kind
Jam Money
Alien Transistor
Superb, painterly DIY instrumental sketches, in the vein of Flaming Tunes and Leven Signs. One of 2016's finest releases, back in.    
DJ Osom
Exotic Dance
"Better than drugs. Memories of an Earth alien." - Exotic Dance Four cuts of shuffling, staggering dancefloor disruption on DJ OSOM's debut. As difficult to pin down as it is to dance to, essential purchase!  12" in stickered sleeve w/ insert. …
Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing is our record of the year (2017). Of course this is largely down to the music, and the whole seductive black-hole aura of the thing - and we’ll come to that. But part of it is sentimentality. Released…
Grim Zenith EP
Christoph De Babalon
Immaculately produced, darkside breakbeat deconstructions and chasmic industrial 'scapes. This is the record we’ve been waiting for from Vis...it feels like the perfect synthesis of Nina and Tobi’s tastes...extremely satisfying on every level really. Old Hamburg meets new…. Music this alien…
And All The Ships At Sea
Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Brilliant, brilliant mini-LP from the current project of Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice). Atmosphere, soundscaping, call it what you will - it's always been pretty important to Wratten, indivisible from his songwriting in post-Mice concerns Northern Picture Library, The Occasional…
East and West
Anna Domino
Les Disques du Crépuscule
Füörm Hüölertnstruk Maut Mä´n Haut Afniemn
Hypnotic Sleep
Hüüpnootsche Platen Un Kassetten
Back in stock! Exceptional downbeat DIY and stare-down-the-forest drone-punk from Northern Germany. Edition of 100.
Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol
Bokeh Versions
Back in: what can already safely be called one of 2017's best, and best-loved, reissues. Title a record Captain Ganja & The Space Patrol and you set up certain expectations: rest assured, this North London sci-fi jazz/dub epic from 1980 hits…
Here Comes A Fucking Startup Campus
A Colourful Storm
"PostOst was a DIY artist and musician’s co-op established in 2003 in a former East Berlin post office in the district of Friedrichshain. It was a home to some 100 artists making techno, house, acid, avant-garde, R&B, trancerock, wave and…
Felix K & BassDee
Hidden Hawaii
Cold missions from late summer, still doing the business. The main departure from the Hidden Hawaii norm (if normality is something we could ever accuse them of) is the A1, which is the sound of Felix applying his sound-palette to a low-slung…