Grim Lusk
Domestic Exile
First vinyl release from Domestic Exile. "For those who are already familiar with Grim Lusk’s varied recording projects, established elements are further developed as sublimely demonstrated on the sample and loop based ‘Search’, a dub / lo-fi hip-hop excursion that shuffles and shimmers before becoming…
001 [Antenna]
UK-garage-meets-musique-concrete is how this record was provocatively billed, and of course even the faintest promise of such a thing had me drooling (don't get out much, me). I suppose at this stage people have subjected techno to so many avant-garde stress-tests, it's about time that…
Sapphire EP
Sector 7 Sounds
Shady, sharp-shooting grime, rendered with Mystikz-grade bass weight... timeless soundsystem murder. Limited pressing on Boofy's Sector 7 label.    
Always Yours
Different Circles
Very heavy, designer grime/techno atmospheres from the Italian producer on Logos and Mumdance's increasingly outward-looking Different Circles. Check 'ARP2600'.     
Uncertainty Principle
Back in stock! Tight, ballistic, subs-bombing future-tekno/bleep gear from a new label - reinforcing rave fundamentals with ultra-modern sound design so pneumatic you feel like your eyeballs might get sucked out of their sockets. Opening its account with a track…
The Originators
Various Artists
Gqom oh!
DJ Lag, Rude Boyz ++.
Mercury's Rainbow
Modern Love
"After nearly a decade in the making, Zomby finally dispatches his astonishing take on Wiley’s series of Eskibeat releases, a.k.a. the cornerstone of grime. Originally recorded over a mad couple of weeks while suffering from circadian dysrhythmia, Mercury’s Rainbow documents Zomby riffing on intricately…
World In Action Remixed
Helm versioned by Parris, Laurel Halo, Sky H1, Beneath and Low Jack.    
Stush / Wrapped Up
Bashy, rampaging UK techno. 
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Halcyon Veil