Always Late
Stallone The Reducer
Grimy, hard-hitting techno-electro bangers...irresistible.    
Winds of Corruption
Corporation Mindfuck
Hard Beach Entertainment
Can you smell it? Smell the bungs and backhanders and nepotism? Must be the goddamn motherfu’in winds of corruption. YES, the new HBE proves to be as invigorating as the last (HBE006 re-press should be here soon), Corporation Mindfuck delivering…
The Seventeenth Century
Cherry Red
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Re-titled reissue of Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death (the original name being "Lawrence's biggest regret"!). Was £19.99, now £9.99! 
Omelette Of Disease
Schakalens Bror
Förlag För Fri Musik
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Omelette of disease… there’s an image. I’ve cooked up some fucked-up, eggshell-peppered shockers in my time, and not always with the freshest of produce, but never anything that you could call an OMELETTE OF DISEASE. It’s…
Bränn ner hela skiten
Various Artists
Förlag För Fri Musik
Another fresh (in the loosest sense of the word...everything on here feels gloriously, nose-pinchingly mouldy and mildewed), blink-and-you'll-miss-it chipping from the trunk of Enhet För Fri Musik's FFFM private press...a various artists compilation featuring two cuts apiece from Enhet för fri musik and…
Knutna Nävar
Förlag För Fri Musik
Caught totally off-guard by this shapeshifting head-scrambler from Blod aka Gustaf Dicksson on Enhet För Fri Musik’s FFFM privät pröss. Strange, bittersweet concoction of woolly but frost-bitten psychedelic folk (with some carefully calibrated prog flourishes), Flying Nun-ish evergreen-dazed jangle-pop and at least…
Roman Photo
Michelle Vernon
French "italo" / minimal synth-pop smartbomb from 1990 reissued, hand-numbered edition of 175. Last copies! **SHIPS FRIDAY**      
Bleak Comfort
Yves De May
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* "Following up ‘Drawn With Shadow Pens’ on Spectrum Spools, Belgian sound artist Yves De Mey returns with ‘Bleak Comfort’, his third solo full-length. Geared towards serving up an intense musical experience, the album deconstructs regular club…
Metal Surface Repair
S & M Trading Co.
Fit Sound
New one from Sotofett and Aaron FIT as S & M Trading Co....909-driven, SUBTLY banging on-and-on techno - acid-flecked, stripped to the bone but slathered with dark atmospheric strings…Amazing, tough but ultra-trippy drum programming as we’ve come to expect from…
Andy Rantzen
Efficient Space
More archival Andy Rantzen, this time courtesy of Efficient Space, who put out those highly rated Oz Waves, Sky Girl and Midnite Spares comps. Rantzen remains best known for his dourly excellent '80s industrial/post-punk offerings (solo and as part of Pelican Daughters), but this 12" -…