Always Late
Stallone The Reducer
Grimy, hard-hitting techno-electro bangers...irresistible.    
Novo Mundo
Edition of 250.  "At some moment last year Novo Mundo (aka NIAGARA) made itself manifest. It was pretty simple, like most necessities are. Here is Tenda, the result. Dezembro is but one idea, never ashamed of its simplicity, straightforward techno: its all about…
All For Lee-Sah
K. Alexi Shelby
Repress of the highly sought after Transmat classic. 
Winds of Corruption
Corporation Mindfuck
Hard Beach Entertainment
Can you smell it? Smell the bungs and backhanders and nepotism? Must be the goddamn motherfu’in winds of corruption. YES, the new HBE proves to be as invigorating as the last (HBE006 re-press should be here soon), Corporation Mindfuck delivering…
Champagne In Mozambique
Ingleton Falls
Isle of Jura
"Isle Of Jura’s second longplayer reissue is an album from Ingleton Falls that touches upon Ambient, Dub, House and Balearic styles and was originally released in 1991 as a limited run of 100 self distributed cassette tapes Ingleton Falls are…
Stop It! / What Is Love Today?
Keysha / FG's Romance
Ships February 7th, 2018.  "First 12" in a series of yearly valentine maxis celebrating love. This one contains Keysha's sleazy R&B youtube hit 'Stop It!' & a Belgian blue eyed soul classic by FG's Romance called 'What Is Love Today?'."…
Ignite The Seven Cannons And Set Sail For The Sun
"Produced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and featuring the skyscraping vocal of Elizabeth Fraser on the mighty 'Primitve Painters', Felt found themselves at the top of the independent charts. Unhappy with the overall sound though - it was if…
The Seventeenth Century
Cherry Red
Re-titled reissue of Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death ("Lawrence's biggest regret"!).
Pattern Transform
Other Lands
"Abandon all expectations ye who enter here, Other Lands (previous, druid-like incantations on FIREC015 Mac-Talla Nan Creag) got you covered with a truly compelling assortment of jazz snaz and post-armaggedon cosmo-disco oddities; occupying the space between alien-revisited exotica, classic jacking house workouts and…
Young Echo
Young Echo
Young Echo
VERY limited upfront copies of Young Echo's new album. 2LP.   "Detuned soundsystem stylings, love songs swaying in hacked up ambience, skeletal dancehall, microphone technique, dread electronics, outsider pop, this record manifests the outcome of the shapeshifting anarchy which rears it’s…