In for life

ulf / fdm
Floating Di Morel
Play Loud! Productions
Germany's foremost practitioners of laconic, sickly drone-punk minimalism Kai Drewitz and Sabine Blödorn return with what will surely be seen as their late (mid?) period masterpiece. It's a collaboration with Jeff 'Ulf' Barrows, whose presence perhaps accounts for this being the…
Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty
Christ, it’s taken nearly 30 years - but the first round of Felt LP reissues is here. Hope it goes without saying that all five of these lavishly/ludicrously titled albums - Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty (1982), The Strange Idols Pattern…
Ross 154
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Re-press!  "ART present another landmark classic in Electronic Music history. Originally released on Stefan Robbers’ Eevo-Lute label in 1993, Ross 154 aka Jochem Peteri - now best known for his productions as Newworldaquarium - released four tracks of deep, dark, mysterious hybrid techno  interspersed with…
The Music Lesson / Watcher At The Window
Blue Chemise
I Dischi Del Barone
Carla got us onto this one - haunting, loner DIY/ambient from down under.  "Magnificent 7" from Australia's Blue Chemise that follows up the peculiar, gone-in-a-heartbeat Influence On Dusk LP from early 2017. Taking a more composed approach without abandoning the abstract, uncanny…
Foxbase Alpha
Saint Etienne
25th Anniversary (2016) reissue of this FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE. 
LP 2
Heavy Metal
Static Age
Back in stock! Second outing for beloved Berlin space-punk negativists. Re-press with blue-on-white artwork after first run flew. Instant DIY classic, and almost certainly album of the year. A pinch more melody/jangle than LP 1, and a pinch more bovver…
The Painted Word (Special Edition)
Television Personalities
Special RSD 2017 edition (black & white marbled vinyl) of TVP's (shadow) magnum opus. Famously described by Melody Maker as "one of the most wanton and wilful cases of self-immolation you're ever likely to hear", and immediately preceding the band's…
The Saturnian System / The Sequel
Long-awaited reissue for one of the best tracks of the century so far, +3, this EP brings together four cuts in total from two different and sought-after EPs: 2006’s The Saturiun System (which has been re-titled – corrected to? –…
Space Museum
Solid Space
Dark Entries
While Dark Entries' relentless mission to reissue absolutely everything ever released can get a little fatiguing, sometimes you really have to take your hat off: gorbless'em for making this obscenely rare and totally mind-blowing DIY oneaway from London duo Solid…
Harry Deerness
Harry Deerness
Spillage Fete