Tänder Ett Ljus
JJ Ulius
Happiest Place
To die for, lackadaisical (is there any other kind?) jangle-punk minimalizm from subterranean Rotten-burg, recommended for any who enjoyed the Itchy Bugger LP, or who thinks they might dig a “slow-motion countryside Buzzcocks” (aye). JJ Ulius is one half of…
Love Resistance
Apple Boutique
Optic Nerve
**Pre-order only, expected October 12, 2018** Original janglist massive! (sorry). 7" reissue of one of the most perfect indie EPs of the 1980s. Apple Boutique were helmed by formerly Phil King (The Servants and Felt), and The Love Resistance was…
Goosebumps: 25 Years of Marina Records
**Pre-order only, expected October 12, 2018.** Capacious and ESSENTIAL 3LP comp celebrating 25 years of the venerable indie-pop stable, consisting of catalogue highlights and a few new exclusives. Featuring (among others): Malcolm Ross, James Kirk, Pale Fountains, Shack, Norman Blake,…
Forever Breathes The Lonely Word
"Got into something dangerous and strange...." Felt’s rushy, sun-dappled Creation-era masterpiece, finally reissued, just in time for the autumn it was surely made to soundtrack. For me, in terms of albums, Lawrence and crew never topped the stoned, sunken majesty…
Bimini Twist
Alison Statton & Spike
Tiny Global Productions
Robert Sotelo
Upset The Rhythm
Bank of England
A Colourful Storm
"A Colourful Storm presents the first vinyl edition of Blueboy's The Bank Of England - the third and final chapter in a canon of indie-pop and DIY perfection. "Succeeding If Wishes Were Horses (Sarah Records, 1992) and Unisex (1994), The Bank Of England shines as a masterpiece of mature,…
So Tough
Saint Etienne
So Tough, released in 1993, is a less iconic record than Foxbase Alpha, Saint Etienne's debut of two years previously, but it's arguably a more mind-blowing listen, and certainly more fully realised in terms of sound and concept and all-consuming SWOON: a…
Trial Cuts (1989-95)
Action Painting!
Emotional Response
"Operating at the more muscly end of the Sarah Records spectrum, Action Painting! burst out of the fanzine scene with three frantic arrogant-riot-pop singles for Sarah and one for Damaged Goods before they dematerialized. "The band never realised a full length…
Left Hand
Vital Idles
Upset The Rhythm
This slice of jangly monochord bliss pressed to yellow vinyl from Glaswegiens, Vital Idles, is everything you wanted (and expected) after that tantalising, ebullient, instant-cult-classic 'The Garden' 7” on Not Unloved in 2016. It’s got The Clean and that Flying Nun/Dunedin-sound stamped all…