Förlag För Fri Musik
"The" 1978-1983
Chen Yi
90% Wasser
FUCK this one really left a dent in me dome when I first heard it, in fact that dent is still there, so aye, mechanically speaking, it was a total write-off the first time I heard The Chen Yi.  Admittedly,…
De Fabriek
BFE Records
Scene In Mirage
O Yuki Conjugate
Emotional Rescue
O Yuki Conjugate's early magnum opus...a criminally undersung high watermark of '80s underground electronics, at once powerfully emblematic of the golden era of DIY experimentation that spawned it, and preternaturally accomplished and ahead of its time. The closest comparison I can…
Kale Plankieren: Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981-87, Volume II
Brilliant second instalment of sub-underground DIY/wave/industrial obscurities compiled by Knekelhuis, beautifully and simply presented, and full of tiny revelations. Recommended!
On Guard
(The) Mudguards
Horn Of Plenty
Seditionary art music and hypnobeat from (The) Mudguards, the (very) English duo of Nelson Bloodrocket and Reg Out, a properly f****d bricolage of end-of-the-pier agit-pop, nauseated industrial cut-ups and the kind of demolished-man techno that transports you to an alternative universe where E was…
Sido Not Dead
Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun
Crazy Doberman
I Dischi Del Barone
**Re-stock ships Friday!** IDDB continue to disch 'em out - two deftly judged, cinematic cuts from CRAZY DOBERMAN. This rabid pack go straight for the jugular on side A - a snarling saxophone that can only be tamed by the…
Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth
"A classic masterpiece from 1981, never re-released before. Originally 1000 copies pressed on orange/red vinyl. 120 copies were sold through Rough Trade and Virgin Records. 800 copies were bought and later destroyed by the United Dairies label, makin this record…
Nihon No Wave
Various Artists
"A special selection of Japanese underground minimal-synth-wave from the first half of the 80's. Limited edition of 525 copies on double vinyl with printed inner sleeves and insert with photos and credits. Everything inside a deluxe jacket designed with synthetic…