Complete Works 1981-1983
MIND Records
“Onyx is an early 1980’s Boston based new wave / avant-garde band, that was an international duo of American songwriter and instrumentalist Judd Stone, and British vocalist (and then Boston fashion model) Beveur. "Except for a primitive drum machine track that…
3, 6, 9: The Trinity Alignment
Various Artists
Light Sounds Dark
Mo' UFOs from LSD...2LP.
Group A
Kashual Plastik
Storming new 12" of stricken tone-poems and minimal industrial manoeuvres from Japanese duo Group A. The pitched-down, smacked-out YMOisms of 'Consumer' and the itchy no wave of the title track stand out by virtue of their fully techno-compatible PULSE, but Group…
Old World Disorder
Karim Maas
Lawless but carefully wrought d’n’b/electro/dark-ambient experiments from incognito UVB-76 operative Karim Maas (“a familiar face behind a new mask," apparently).  ‘C_C_E_D’ is a lean, mean, dungeon-stepper in the vein of classic Ruffhouse (‘Straight 9’s, ‘The Foot’++), but with even more missile-like…
Nihon No Wave
Various Artists
Check the tracklist - woof!  "A special selection of Japanese underground minimal-synth-wave from the first half of the 80's. Limited edition of 525 copies on double vinyl with printed inner sleeves and insert with photos and credits. Everything inside a…
Snapback Balaclava
Great Circles
"Across the A-side, Chaperone scrapes away at the grit – personal grit, the grit of anxiety, and Philly grit. These are meditations on loops, and loops on meditations. Each one appears on the surface to be a brief quote, but time dilation takes…
Grim Lusk
Domestic Exile
First vinyl release from Domestic Exile. "For those who are already familiar with Grim Lusk’s varied recording projects, established elements are further developed as sublimely demonstrated on the sample and loop based ‘Search’, a dub / lo-fi hip-hop excursion that shuffles and shimmers before becoming…
Denigration Rapture
Iron Lung
Punk in essence/origin only on this top new 7” from Iron Lung, which seems more interested in droning industrial dankery and brittle, brain-damaged drum-machine/art-rock minimalism than, you know, the other stuff. Atmospheric, above all, in a harrowing, suffocating sort of way:…
Worship The Glitch
ELpH vs Coil
2LP, available in black and yellow vinyl editions.  "'Unexplainable' may well be the best explanation for the members of the UK based electronic outfit Coil. Making a radical shift from intentional accessibility, by means of traditional pop songwriting, to abstract…
Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Industrialised synth-punk/body-horror from '90s Chicago. Taking inspiration from Front 242, Skinny Puppy, early NiN, Lassigue Bendthaus etc, U.S.O.C.A. pedalled a kind of gristly, militaristic aggro-funk that would've been right at home on Wax Trax!, while also, in its more playful moments,…