Industrial, Noise, EBM ++

Dark Fields
Bonkers Catalonian minimal synth / post-industrial contortions that sound a bit like a young Richard H. Kirk taking a real dizzy turn when it’s at it’s most tuneful, perhaps more glaringly, it’s EXACTLY what we always wanted those Los Incianados…
The Curfew Recordings
John Smith, Sean Dower & John Mylotte
Harbinger Sound
Overrun with archival all-timers this week... Final deadstock CDs of this 80s experimental classik / bonechilling fragment of English industrial culture ! Nearly an hour of unsettling, droning enchantment recorded live in the unimaginably reverberant storage tanks of a disused…
Enrico Piva
Spazio Di Hausdorff
5 x CD boxset that spans all of Enrico Piva's (PIVAtal!?) noise / concrete work throughout the eighties under his own name as well as the more industrial, abstract slants of his Amok alias, featuring the evasive "Knuckle Duster" tape…
Songs Hurt Me
Marnie Weber
Discos Transgénero
**RESTOCK EXPECTED SEPT 17TH** Shit, this is gorgeous. A new vinyl edition of a 1988 self-released tape that feels like it could sit smack-bang between Cyrnai’s “Charred Blossoms” and Controlled Bleeding’s “Headcrack”. No mean feat!! We're only just hearing it…
The Eightness of Adam Qadmon
A Handful of Dust
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Claggy, evocative (evocative of WHAT?, as my GCSE English teacher's red pen would ask) free improvisations from Alastair Galbraith and Bruce Russell, originally released on tape through Russell’s Corpus Hermeticum label in ’94. Amid the (welcome!)…
Free LSD
Crazy Doberman
Radical Documents
FINALLY. Been trying to get our paws on this LP ever since that blinder of a 7”, "Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun" came through our doors, what, over a year ago now? Behold! It's psychedelia in the way that…
Into Dark Water
O Yuki Conjugate
Emotional Rescue
F*****g finally!!!!! O Yuki Conjugate’s Into Dark Water - their second album, and masterpiece - available on vinyl again, and in stock now. That post-industrial, proto-techno melding of bleak, agoraphobic, tranq’d-out ambient electronics and forbidding Fourth World rhythm-textures...Isolationism avant la…
Die Tödliche Doris
Fang Bomb
*WAREHOUSE FIND!* Final copies of this Deadly Doris 12” that sees a pile of unreleased hissing interludes and menacing, rhythmic versions from 1981/82 go through some subtle, present-day modifications by band members Muller / Dreier. Destructive single-sided 12” and a…
Porcelain Summer
Various Artists
I Dischi Del Barone
I Dischi Del Barone celebrates five years of label activity with a true Crammed Disc - 12 (!) tracks on a 33rpm 7", featuring an impressive gaggle of artists old and new. Brannten Schnüre, who seem to be following the opposite…
Eyes / Morning Rain
Our appetite for anything remotely wavey / minimal synthy is at an all-time low - yeah, even lower than the last time we said that! - so it says a LOT that we’re still capable of getting excited about this…