Camizole + Lard Free
Camizole + Lard Free
The ranks of Camizole included some of the most essential personalities of the French underground, notably Dominique Grimaud (Vidéo-Aventures), Chris Chanet (Etron Fou Leloublan) and Bernard Filipetti (Art & Technique). Their idea of music, if we look further than the…
Nu Jungle Dances
Nu Creative Methods
Luminous, undersung LP from Pierre Bastien and Bernard Pruvost, billed by Souffle Continu - whose reissue lovingly replicates the original 1978 release on Jac Berrocal and Michel Potage’s d’Advantage label - as a kind of French riposte to Max Eastley…
2LP. "Is freedom worth more than mastery, construction and achievement? In replying yes, the utopians of Camizole clear show which side they are on. For them, musical creation must be as spontaneous as possible. To achieve this, it is better…
Eli Keszler
Shelter Press
Re-press! Ravishing, electronically-enhanced designer jazz - borrowing from concrète, avant-techno, and post-rock to create infinite interior landscapes that are uniquely nourishing and tactile and time-stopping. It’s part of a continuum of refined but emotive minimalist space-music / drumfunk that takes in…
Fumio Itabashi
Mule Musiq
Musica Da Camera Oscura
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce
Finn Loxbo / Karin Johansson
Rare is the free improv record that resonates with ALL of us here, but the intensity Loxbo and Johansson manage to extract from the creaks n’ whispers of their instruments – accordion, guitar, electronics, prepared piano - is extraordinary, I…
Anna Högberg Attack
Anna Högberg Attack
An Island In The Moon LP
Aguirre Records
"An Island In The Moon is the perfectly conceived minimal ambient project from Italian composers Pier Luigi Andreoni (Doubling Riders, ATROX) and Silvio Linardi. Andreolina being a mix of the names of the two musicians who were both deeply involved with the label Auf Dem…
Music With Memory
David Behrman
Alga Marghen