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Super Majnoon (East Meets West)
أحمد [Ahmed]
Double LP of spirit lifting, free jazz sorcery from Pat Thomas, Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip & Seymour Wright.
1973: Live In Zonderschot
Freddie Hubbard
Absolute monster - previously unreleased live recordings of the Freddie Hubbard Quintet, recorded by Belgian Radio and Television (BRT) on a cold night in the church of Our Lady Queen in the small Heist-op-den-Berg hamlet of Zonderschot in 1973. The…
Spirits Rejoice!
Louis Moholo Octet
Rejoice indeed! Now having recent criticisms of being “too jazzy” revoked (surely better than behaving TOO PUNKY or TOO PROGGY!?) as this titan of the late 70s is unleashed back into the world. One of the studio assistants seemingly git…
Wilfred Percussion
Wilfred Percussion
"Born in the 1940s in Istanbul, Italian painter and percussionist Wilfred Copello had, from the onset, a predisposition for exotic sounds. Indeed, his interest for latin music was manifest early on in his career. In 1970 he was an uncredited…
Snoopy's Time
Dharma Trio
Just found these! Reissue of rare rare rare French free jazz LP that has similar punchy, sonic qualities to, dunno, a Seeds LP?! And wot a sleeve. On repeat. "Dharma as they were simply known, at the time when they…
Ikuro Takahashi
Master drummer Ikuro Takahashi is a bona fide living legend / dark prince of the Japanese psychedelic underground, having served time in the cockpits of void-chasing juggernauts like High Rise, Fushitsusha and LSD March, as well as anchoring more pastorally…
Galerie Randolph
Ruedi Häusermann
Black Truffle
Brittle, beautiful, bonce-rearranging alien jazz geometries… poised yet playful and liable to completely dish your understanding of linear time…like a 3D chess match with some future-folkloric trickster/daemon you’ve bugger-all chance of beating (literally none) yet feel compelled in your earthly arrogance…
Rabid Finns BLASTING out some smash and grab free muzak voodoo with deformed, blown-out grooves and brooding, midnight atmospheres that give ye the same high-torque hairdryer treatment as you would get sat in the front row at a Cairo Free…
Dusk Fire
Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet
Subtle, smoked-out ascension and a pinnacle of UK Jazz recorded in 1966. Features Michael Garrick on piano and Dave Green on bass.       
Phase III
Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet
Untouchable British jazz.  "The complete Don Rendell & Ian Carr Lansdowne recording sessions are now available as individual LPs. We located and acquired the original analogue master tapes from the Universal vaults and created masters at Abbey Road Studios to…