Kenny 10 for 2017

Wanci not wanky. Indonesian musicians produced by Rabih Beaini.  The latest offering from Morphine has barely left the turntable since its arrival here. Tarawangsawelas, a duo from Bandung, specialise in a contemporary take on Tarawansa, the sacred music of Sundanese…
Lebenden Toten
Iron Lung
"Lebenden Toten  is one of the greatest punk bands to ever exist and this 12min one song e.p. proves the they can still do no wrong. When we asked them if they wanted to 'get weird' with a single they,  albeit…
Depressive, zonked industrial-folk album of the highest order. Sofie Herner brings something absolutely sinister to this record (but when doesn’t she? - check out her solo project Leda if you can snag the 7” somewhere). När’s starkly sensuous, eminently listenable…
Grim Zenith EP
Christoph De Babalon
Immaculately produced, darkside breakbeat deconstructions and chasmic industrial 'scapes. This is the record we’ve been waiting for from feels like the perfect synthesis of Nina and Tobi’s tastes...extremely satisfying on every level really. Old Hamburg meets new…. Music this alien…
Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing is our record of the year (2017). Of course this is largely down to the music, and the whole seductive black-hole aura of the thing - and we’ll come to that. But part of it is sentimentality. Released…
Various Artists
Discos Transgénero
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* "Discos Transgénero present the first ever vinyl reissue of the essential DIY Dutch compilation from Effenaar. Outstanding sounds recovered from Eindhoven 1982.  "Effenaar is a music venue located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It was founded in 1971…
Blackest Ever Black
2LP. I dunno, once in a while a producer comes along who just has it. That edge. Not flash, not tricksy –  the opposite of that, in fact, powerfully understated. A killer instinct. And a sound. It’s not about originality so…