Low Company

Curved / Bambounou Remix
Batu & Lurka
Fringe White
Tuff, unhurried, broken techno monster in quintessential Batz 'n Lurkz style b/w very smart Bambounou version.
Braindance / ambient tekno / electro recorded with a strong AFX flavour, recorded '97-'99. 2x12" in full picture sleeve.
Transition Vol.1
Various Artists
"Sometimes, looking back to the tracks that have been most inspirational yields very interesting results. In the last couple of years these four tracks stood out and share a deep sonic connection. "All artists produced music in the early/mid 80s, played…
Cold Light
Moody, heavily dubwise ambient techno/grime/electronics (?!) mini-LP from Bristol... Quality record this, very highly recommended!
Gagarin KombinaattI
2LP, ships Friday 21 February 2020.  "Gagarin Kombinaatti Is Mika Vainio's earliest band project in Turku from early 80s. GK was influenced by industrial groups like Throbbing Cristle, Einsturzende Neubauten and Test Department. Vainio compiled a GK album from the…
Tomás Tello
Dizzying insectoid rhythm trips and haunting humid fifth-world electronics massively recommended for anyone into Raymonde's recent stuff, Vilod, that Healing Force Project LP.  "Over the last decade multi instrumentalist Tomás Tello has been developing his own personal music style based…
Fall In Love With Yourself
M. Quake
Purely Physical
M. Quake (first and last spied collaborating with T. Manek on BEB a coupla years back) drops a 2-track 7" of cloudy oneiric dub exhorting you, on Valentine's Day no less, to LOVE THYSELF. The Eartha Kitt-sampling A-side is the instantly…
Elemental Dreaming
Primitive Motion
I Dischi Del Barone
**Pre-order only, stock expected on/around Feb 21, 2020** "Primitive Motion is the dream-float machine driven by Brisbane residents Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig. Elemental Dreaming consists of two songs, the mesmerizing A-side 'Telegrams For Comets' recorded in 2012 (with guest…
Family Underground
Family Underground
I Dischi Del Barone
**Pre-order only, stock expected on/around Feb 21, 2020** "Hazy 2019 recordings from the long running Copenhagen free-rock duo Family Underground. On 'Glitchblade' and 'Sand Between Us' Sara C. Czerny and Nicolas F. Kauffmann goes into a full droning and swampy…
Sideral Escape
Healing Force Project
amenthia recordings
An unrelentingly original, criminally underrated producer comes forth with a slowly-rotating BRAIN TEASER of an LP, housed in THAT completely mesmerising, butternut squash-violating sleeve. Six tracks that bow and swell as one gravitational force, with some tracks fronted by high…