Low Company

Stations Of Control
Conrad Pack
Not on label
Refreshingly direct minimal techno arrowheads, dark and tripped-out and tunnelistic in a almost Sandwell District style but rendered with a rolling, well-oiled London swerve. Real-deal club tracks, unpretentious-ballistic-compulsive-spacious...makes you hopeful the good times will come again. In the meantime, that…
Whenever Blue
Cassette edition of 60 copies.  We’re still recovering from the effects of his twisted roadhouse session with Jarmo last year (last copies here!), so it’s perhaps merciful that Finnish guitar berserker Keijo’s latest is a solo instrumental jag. Demolished-man, two-strings-broken…
Life & Living
First cassette edition of Officer!'s debut album. 36 years on this still stands as the greatest testament to the unfettered genius of Mick Hobbs - if he didn't exist, you would not be able to make him up - and…
Call Time / Hard Out
Feedback Moves
Feral improv / no wave ruff and tumble loosed from the London sewers which quickly bludgeons you into accepting its own brutish nightmare vision of reality. I really am not qualified to describe this nerve-napalming double-header, suffice to say it…
No Worries If Not
James Marrs
Laura Lies In
IT'S...JAMES MARRS New 8-track release from Laura Lies In bozz James Marrs is a sick one. Love ‘Caving’ , a monolithic slab of bass-heavy, decelerated, dustbin-lid-driven tekno / EBM, whose brute-minimalism – rendered uncanny with queasy violin drones and pocked and studded with Marrs' signature…
It Was The Start Of Another Strange Week
Ashtray Navigations
Memoirs Of An Aesthete
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* INDEED it was. Hot hot hot UK summer days fall in line with the latest CD-r boiler from kosmiche SHAMAN-come-beach-bum Phil Todd, as he continues his arcane convergence of surging psychedelic electronics and ratchet tight, ear-popping…
I Can I Can't
I Can I Can't
Low Company
Fire in the hold!!!!!!!!!!! LP/action-painting documenting the entire musical output/psychosis/self-immolation of short-lived North London destruction-unit I Can I Can’t, all previously unreleased. Side One consists of six barking, bucking audiac anxiety attacks recorded to dictaphone in 2009, in a warehouse up…
In England Now, Underwater / The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People
Two albums about drowning for the price of one! Cremation Lily’s second and third LPs, The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People (2017) and In England Now, Underwater (2018), remastered and combined as a definitive 2CD release. It feels the…
I Dischi Del Barone
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Taking drugs…to make music…to take drugs to! Whilst drinking a four pack and burning something in the oven feels like all that is left of our wild years, The Futurians’ latest hammering transmission of degenerate death-trip…
The Doozer
Low Company
From gardens where we feel insecure! In Figurines, across a dozen elegiac, sighing song-dreams of innocence and experience, The Doozer conjures a mental allotment whose very seclusion and orderliness acts as some kinda portal to the infinite…  The Doozer -…