Low Company

Towers, Open, Fire / Looking For Business
Triple Negative
Penultimate Press
Surprise 7" release limited to 150.
Who Will Listen To The Aches That Everyone Has
Surprise 7" release limited to 150.
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Low Company Gift Voucher
Low Company
Christmas is nearly upon us! FML. Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out and track down what your nearest and dearest want for Christmas, and get them Low Company gift vouchers instead. They will thank you for it.…
Absolutely Wino (Georgian Bootleg Version)
Various Artists
Wah Wah Wino
"Sound of the Rathmines industrial estate ... weirdo wagon dance music." Wah Wah Wino's in-demand, all-hands-on-deck 2LP outing, originally released in early 2017, finally available again - Georgian bootleg edition! Not just a comp but a privileged glimpse of a whole…
Camera Obscura
Stephan Barbery
AMAZING cassette compilation.
The Snow On The Thames & Rain On the Oil Seed
Matthew Kent
Good Morning Tapes
Dance With The Plants Vol.2
Good Morning Tapes
Three blissy, strung-out, mutant techno trips from the SVN archive, in finest Acido/SUED style. See especially the C2-esque cresting waves of '2014'.    
Ashley Road Sessions '88-'94
Smith & Mighty
Smith & Mighty
"Celebrating 30 years since their first release, on November 9th foundation laying forefathers Smith and Mighty release Ashley Road Sessions. This special one-off double label partnership between Pinch’s Tectonic and Peverelist’s Punch Drunk is an endeavour in homage to their Bristol…
Waveform Transmission Vol. 3
Jeff Mills
Peak Jeff! Smart 2LP reissue from Tresor.