Low Company

Complete Works 1981-1983
MIND Records
“Onyx is an early 1980’s Boston based new wave / avant-garde band, that was an international duo of American songwriter and instrumentalist Judd Stone, and British vocalist (and then Boston fashion model) Beveur. "Except for a primitive drum machine track that…
Sakai Ishinage Odori
Sakai Ishinage Odori Preservation Society
"EM Records is proud to present, following 'Yumi Kagura', the second edition of the Japanese folklore music series, directed by Riyo Mountains. Japan has a long tradition of annual pre-harvest summer dance festivals, known as Bon-Odori festivals, which continues to…
Various Artists
Under Frustration Volume 1
Various Artists
"Part one of a three volume compilation project by Tunisian collective Arabstazy, establishing a picture of the contemporary electronic music scene in the Arab World. This musical journey stands for the diversity of this scene, and deconstructs the occidental perceptions that…
Start To End
The Jaffa Kid
La Beauté Du Négatif
Amazing, NEW ambient d'n'b - lovely submerged, rolling breaks + dreamy synths that nod to the melancholic heyday of UK AI / Detroit techno. Think Photek's 'T-Raenon' or Convextion/ERP if he was a junglist... yeah that good!
Harutaka Mochizuki | Makoto Kawashima (Free Wind Mood series)
Harutaka Mochizuki & Makoto Kawashima
Pre-order only. Expected around September 1, 2018.  Edition of 275. Comes in a heavy old style silk-screened jacket with obi, postcards & inserts. Printed by Alan Sherry, with liner notes by Michel Henritzi."During the past decade, a number of free…
3, 6, 9: The Trinity Alignment
Various Artists
Light Sounds Dark
Mo' UFOs from LSD...2LP.
Group A
Kashual Plastik
Storming new 12" of stricken tone-poems and minimal industrial manoeuvres from Japanese duo Group A. The pitched-down, smacked-out YMOisms of 'Consumer' and the itchy no wave of the title track stand out by virtue of their fully techno-compatible PULSE, but Group…
Tim Reaper
7th Storey Projects
Not On Label