Low Company

Various Artists
Pudel Produkte
YUSS! 12" + 7" w/ tracks from Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Asmus Tietchens, Tintin Patrone, Felix Kubin, Esmark, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Carl und Sohn, Jessica Broscheit & Mark Boombastik, RVDS, Crystal Penalosa, Phuong-Dan, Conrad Schnitzler and Asmus Tietchens. More info…
Border Control
Berceuse Heroique
“Berceuse Heroique is very proud to announce that one of our biggest heroes is going to be our next release for this year. Pinch, one of the seminal members of the Bristol scene, is kickstarting a trilogy of 12"s that…
1969, 1970
The Music Improvisation Company
Honest Jon's Records
"'The original concepts of vocal and instrumental music are utterly different. The instrumental impulse is not melody in a 'melodious' sense but an agile movement of the hands which seem to be under the control of a brain centre totally…
Giorgio Dursi
Woah, this is GOOD. And NOT a sequence of amplified bowel movements, as I initially assumed/feared. It turns out Giorgio Dursi is more interested in the intestine as a metaphor for the brain, and the way it creates speech and makes…
The Trilogy Tapes
KILLER turbine-powered electronics and oxygen-starved intercom action set to burst ur pressure-sensitive carry-ons!
Phono Abduction / Europa (Aux 88 Mix)
Partisan Midi / Nukubus
Frustrated Funk /SD
Frame of Mind
Ravaged Minds
Super Hexagon
**Pre-order only, stock expected on/around October 17, 2019** SICK, Siegmar Fricke-produced braindance / minimal tekno. Contender for 12" of the year. 
Generic Targz
Soda Gong
THE ICEMAN COMETH! One of the best LPs of the year for me, effortlessly and exhilaratingly mixing classic drrrrreamy AI tropes with contemporary, chrome-plated club flash and unbelievably spacious, hard-hitting, smoked-out soundsystem dynamics. Sumptuously psychedelic and aggy/disruptive in perfect proportion. What am I…