Low Company

Washington DC, 11 April 2019
Sarah Hughes & Jon Collin
Early Music
CD-R. Cold, refined but utterly transcendental blues minimalism, documenting a duo performance by Jon Collin and Sarah Hughes that took place barely two months ago at Rhizome in Washington, DC. With its small-hours echoes of John Surman’s classic ECM outings…
Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So
Bridget Hayden
Early Music
Live 10 April, 2019
Jordan Perry & Jon Collin
Early Music
Ride A Dove
Harry Pussy
Palilalia Records
After the Futures
La Vida Es Un Mus
In The Same Room
This Kind Of Punishment
Flying Nun / Superior Viaduct
Visceral Realists
Bruce Russell & Luke Wood
Top drawer garage band abstractions and droning, static-clash hauntology from the Dead C's Bruce Russell and fellow Christchurch racket-maker Luke Wood, previously released as a micro-edition lathe cut on Wood's Illam Press. A small child just walked in the shop…
Final Dust
Amateur Childbirth
Chemical Imbalance
Terra Soror
Self Released
Unidentified Ensemble plays..
Harmonious Thelonious
The Trilogy Tapes