More best of 2017

Xth Réflexion
Chained Library
The second release from Chicago's recently minted Chained Library is a double-vinyl edition compiling the mysterious Xth Réflexion's brace of stellar 2015-17 cassette releases on the similarly mysterious,…
Still Bewitched
Look Blue Go Purple
Flying Nun
Back in stock! "We just play music, rock 'n' roll, gender has got nothing to do with it.” Utterly essential 2xLP compilation of Flying Nun’s finest group bar…
Dedicated To Peter Kürten, Sadist And Mass Slayer
Long-awaited vinyl reissue of one of Whitehouse’s most brutally sustained and compelling studies/celebrations of abasement and psychopathy; a landmark in extreme electronic music. Its sparse sound-field, bleak as…
CS + Kreme
CS + Kreme
Total Stasis
Second self-titled EP from CS + Kreme. It’s hard to pin down the special allure of this project from Conrad Standish and F ingers’ Sam Karmel. It's hard enough…
I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights: Singles 1981-82
On a personal level his one has been a long time coming… about 15 years, to be precise. My first encounter with Maximum Joy was around 2001 when Chris…
DJ Sotofett presents Jesse
Keys Of Life
Acutely psychedelic, exploratory and heavy bassline-driven cosmic techno / neo-Balearica, produced by Sotofett with Jesse (Kalifornia Keke and Stiletti-Ana) for Finland's Keys Of Life. Picking up where the recent…
The Other Side Of...
REF028LP / Compilation / Black vinyl edition / 200 copies / Spain / LP  Second Empire Justice, Blitz’s abrupt lurch into whooshing pansified post-punk, alienated their skinhead fanbase…
iDEAL Recordings
Puce Mary and Jesse Sanes. "This is deeply personal and sensual music. The listener is allowed to enter the inner zones of the private and artistic relationships between…
Primary Colours
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
2017 reissue of an album no home or hovel should be without, a masterpiece of purist slacker garage-punk, unswervingly minimal and bonehead-repetitive. Primary Colours was ECSR's second album, and…
Limp Wrist
La Vida Es Un Mus
Inspired mesh of hardcore punk and death-disco throbbery. Like nothing else out there, essential purchase.  "It has been nine years since their last release. Limp Wrist brings you…