Beyond the Black Crack
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell
Paradigm Discs
Alessandro Bosetti
Decal Baby
Fish From Tahiti
Harbinger Sound
Bunhill Row
Adam Bohman
Paradigm Discs
You Know What It’s Like
Carla dal Forno
Blackest Ever Black
"You Know What It’s Like is an album for inbetween days, and occupies inbetween states: plain-speaking pop, disorientated by dub. Psychedelic folk delivered with (post-)punk economy. Drifting in space while still tethered to the ground. Astral tones blurred with earth…
City Of Women
Loke Rahbek
Editions Mego
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE!* City of Women is an accomplished and composerly thing, and somehow a pop record too, but with the jaded, sleep-deprived, Unconsoled vibe that has defined much of Rahbek's work over the past two or three years - the ennui that comes from…
Hypnotic Sleep
Hypnotic Sleep
Static Age
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Scratchy, impulsive DIY / drone-pop from Germany, released in 2013. In its own loose-as-a-goose, ramshackle way this LP was a gamechanger for me. Flashes of genius glimpsed amid a fair bit of zero-fidelity meandering...exactly how we…
Conningham EP
Reach Recordz
New label and producer from London. It’s about Side B. ‘Brackenbury’ is a sort of early/mid-2000s micro-house reboot, gratuitously skippy and twinkly but bass-heavy with it, and crucially a bit more uptempo than the going rate these days. Shades of…
Burnt / Sudo
Boomkat Editions
"Yally is a new project from Raime, designed to "explore Bass Futures indiscriminately”. The release inaugurates 12 x 12, a new series of one-sided releases from Boomkat Editions which will run over the next few months. We’ve asked twelve of…
The Word
Special Occasion
Jolly Discs
Tempting to say this came from nowhere, but actually there were one or two portents, most significantly Special Occasion’s spotless Big Town 12” for Born Free last year. Based on who knows what I’d figured that record was a glorious one-off, but…