Tänder Ett Ljus
JJ Ulius
Happiest Place
To die for, lackadaisical (is there any other kind?) jangle-punk minimalizm from subterranean Rotten-burg, recommended for any who enjoyed the Itchy Bugger LP, or who thinks they might dig a “slow-motion countryside Buzzcocks” (aye). JJ Ulius is one half of…
Maciunas Ensemble
Maciunas Ensemble
Edition Telemark
Stunning, flexible and spontaneous works from the archives of the Maciunas Ensemble - heavily influenced by minimalist rock and post-punk but highlighting the full spectrum of their sound and showcasing their capacity to operate a third-eye-blinding array of instruments, structures…
De Fabriek
BFE Records
Kale Plankieren: Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981-87, Volume II
Brilliant second instalment of sub-underground DIY/wave/industrial obscurities compiled by Knekelhuis, beautifully and simply presented, and full of tiny revelations. Recommended!
On Guard
(The) Mudguards
Horn Of Plenty
Seditionary art music and hypnobeat from (The) Mudguards, the (very) English duo of Nelson Bloodrocket and Reg Out, a properly f****d bricolage of end-of-the-pier agit-pop, nauseated industrial cut-ups and the kind of demolished-man techno that transports you to an alternative universe where E was…
Living In Excellence
Constant Mongrel
La Vida Es Un Mus
"Formed in 2009 Constant Mongrel begun as a two piece (Tom Ridgewell and Hugh Young) creating immediate and at times improvised songs in an old dishevelled laundry in inner city Melbourne. Inspired by the more flamboyant side of protopunk such…
Midnight Mines
I Dischi Del Barone
Weary knuckle-dragging, contemporary lo-fi psych from MIDNIGHT MINES, the second of four recent singles from I Dischi Del Barone, who brought us that Falgar I Bur 7" last week - which, rightly so, sold out before you could say "I…
Bimini Twist
Alison Statton & Spike
Tiny Global Productions
Bank of England
A Colourful Storm
"A Colourful Storm presents the first vinyl edition of Blueboy's The Bank Of England - the third and final chapter in a canon of indie-pop and DIY perfection. "Succeeding If Wishes Were Horses (Sarah Records, 1992) and Unisex (1994), The Bank Of England shines as a masterpiece of mature,…
Nihon No Wave
Various Artists
"A special selection of Japanese underground minimal-synth-wave from the first half of the 80's. Limited edition of 525 copies on double vinyl with printed inner sleeves and insert with photos and credits. Everything inside a deluxe jacket designed with synthetic…