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Steven Julien
"[This] new release features 6 tracks and follows Julien’s critically acclaimed debut album, Fallen. Released in 2016, the autobiographical LP was a bold new direction for Julien, and the first release under his birth name. Over the years, the Apron Records boss’…
Undetected Act From The Gloom Chamber
2x12" available for pre-order only. Stock expected end of March.  "Ever since the early 90s, The Mover has set the standard for apocalyptic melodramatic techno and has been praised as one of the leading artists of Planet Core Productions. His…
High Rise II
High Rise
Black Editions
Pre-order only, stock expected March 24th, 2018. "High Rise exploded onto Tokyo’s underground music scene with the roar and reckless abandon of a motorcycle accelerating headlong into a dead man’s curve. Born from the explosive chemistry of bassist/vocalist Asahito Nanjo and frenetic guitarist Munehiro…
Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991
Various Artists
Music From Memory
2LP. Pre-order only, stock expected March 30th, 2018.  "Uneven Paths is compiled by Raphael Top-Secret and Jamie Tiller that brings together twenty one tracks from across the continent; exploring the more unusual and unexpected sides of pop music produced during…
Various Artists
Mélodies Souterraines
Pre-order only, stock expected April 20th, 2018.  "This record includes works from artists discovered around the globe. Old & unknown latvian project Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe, Andy Rantzen & David Sudmalis from Australia, Isak Anderssen from Norway.…
Done One
Itchy Bugger
Low Company
Pre-order only, stock expected late March 2018. Loner DIY and heavily distressed jangle-punk from the Heavy Metal / Diät axis of E.
Pre-order only, expected late March / early April.  "A mysterious box arrived at the office labelled 'Tsho-Drong Zimpo'. Inside were incense sticks, a bubble wrapped DAT tape with a telephone number on it. We lit the sticks, ran the DAT…
This self-titled debut album by “Macedonian electropop sensation” Bastion will bring you back to life.  Recorded in ’83, and originally released a year later on the state-owned PGP-RTBA, it’s the sole document of the short-lived but immensely fruitful collaboration between…
12th Isle
Re-press due end of March, pre-order to avoid disappointment!  "The ever enigmatic RAMZi graces 12th Isle with ‘Pèze-Piton’ - a 9 track visitation of the familiarly disjointed melodies and rhythms that make up our favourite sonic-nymph’s unique musical language. Driven by the self-appointed task of encouraging…
Blubber Totum
Cru Servers
12th Isle
Pre-order for re-press, expected February 2018.  A year on from their opening salvo, 12th Isle deliver an LP of warped amphibian techno-delia and tranqu'd-out hip-hop from Glasgow's Cru Servers. Sounds at times like a less annoying Wagon Christ, or maybe the un-asked…