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Лічи до ста • Симфонія №1
Олександр Юрченко
Delta Shock
Oh miiiigud, enters your brain like a corkscrew, this one.A previously unreleased masterstroke of slow, spiralling, folkwise-erosion from Alexander Yurchencko, recorded in Kyiv in ’94, the twenty five-minute epique (that according to ol’ google, translates to “count to a hundred”)…
Arriving, coincidentally, within days of the O'ERBRIMMING Birdcage 2LP on EM which compiles the best output of his cassette label Bird Friend, Koshiro ‘YPY’ Hino lands on the mighty Acido with four masterclasses in spry, spring-loaded but reassuringly smoked-out house…
DJ Die Soon
Hench, fire-breathing promo 7" featuring an untold, disorderly, Container Vs Slimzos-style SPLACKER on the A-side, with hallucinatory, space-waster tekno debris set loose on the reverse. Comes in advance of the MONSTER Dj Die Soon LP that is soon to be…
Something Of What We've Lost
Renée van Trier
BAD WOMAN! It was the sleeve photo that drew us to this record in the first place…Mlle. van Trier coming over like a bratty bong-boshin cross between Carla Bley and, er, Alex Mack… The music within kinda lives up to its…
Nouveaux Modes Industriels
Philippe Doray & Les Asociaux Associés
Souffle Continu
"Between 1978 and 1980, the Asociaux Associés (antisocial associates, TN) recorded the second of the two albums which appeared under their name: Nouveaux Modes Industriels. Philippe Doray, with the help of his 'Associés, evermore iconoclastic and numerous, backs up his…
Ramasse-Miettes Nucléaires
Philippe Doray & Les Asociaux Associés
Souffle Continu
"In 1976, the Asociaux Associés (antisocial associates, TN) led by Philippe Doray (Rotomagus, Ruth, Crash), recorded the first of the two albums under their own name: Ramasse-Miettes Nucléaires. On synthesiser, Doray fires off his disturbing poetry over psychedelic pop, voodoo…
A Paper Bag Breathing In And Out
Ashtray Navigations
Memoirs Of An Aesthete
We are still not worthy! Fresh, inspirational, septum-searing dose of Ashtrays wrongness, doubling down on the lysergic tekno-exotica / freaked keyboards / a-martian-i-should-turn-to-be guitar sozzle of last year's A Propos de Naufage.... beautiful and baffling and exhilarating... the Yorkshire Psychedelic Underground…
Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko
Night School / Skire
WOW. Perfectly poised, enduringly mysterious deep-space folk/art-song from singular Ukrainian artist Svitlana Nianio - seriously, when all's said and done, can you even imagine music more beautiful than this?!  It's the first vinyl edition of 1996's Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy, a suite of eight…
Sideral Escape
Healing Force Project
amenthia recordings
An unrelentingly original, criminally underrated producer comes forth with a slowly-rotating BRAIN TEASER of an LP, housed in THAT completely mesmerising, butternut squash-violating sleeve. Six tracks that bow and swell as one gravitational force, with some tracks fronted by high…
Horizontal Phase
Horizontal Phase
Not on label
Sleek, techno-inflected, high-muscle-definition drum 'n bass DJ kuts...two-steps-from-the-darkest-side but keeping things buoyant and ravey and ruthlessly uptempo...eerie neurasthenic atmospherics harnessed with the lightest of touches as huuuuuge body-numbing subs run riot through acres of dub-space. So refreshing and ENERGISING to behold no-nonsense, not-capsized-by-concept stone-killers…