Destroy All Art Vol. 2
Rock N' Roll Parasite
NOW IN STOCK! The second (and final?) instalment of Andrew Winton’s DESTROY ALL ART compilations, plus very last copies of the now classic Vol.1. These amazing LPs do for raw 90s US murder-punk / lo-fi spazz what Killed By Death…
Destroy All Art Vol. 1
Rock N' Roll Parasite
Falha Comum
La Vida Es Un Mus
Skiftande Enheter
Skiftande Enheter
Levande Begravd Records
Short sharp SICK LP of javla rock n roll, JJ Ulius and this Swedish squad SKIFTANDE ENTER kick out a thumpin, mob-minded debut of fierce, CALAMITOUS garage-punk autopsy, rife with warble’d organ and drunken nunchuck drumming. We went bonkers for…
Downer Edn
Low Life
Long-time followers of the shop (not that we’ve been around that long eh) will be well aware of our love of DOGGING… by which we mean not ONLY exhibitionist sexual activity but ALSO the ripping album of that name by…
Positive Disintegration
Blackest Ever Black
**Available for pre-order only, stock expected May 12, 2019** Butter the toast, eat the toast, shit the toast... god, life is relentless. Positive Disintegration is the long-awaited - genuinely, it's been four f*****g years - second album from Diät. When we think back…
A Tasty Heidfu'
Nyah Fearties!
Good Energy
Eyyyyy-oooh! Feels like someone just installed an open, roaring fire in the shop, slid us all a dram then sconed us over the back o’ the heid with a pool cue - Nyah Fearties! shattering the sometimes lacklustre, modern idealist…
Can't Cheat Karma
Sealed Records
Mostrame lo Peor EP
La Vida Es Un Mus
A venom spittin’ attaque frontal from the La Vida camp - the six track debut from FORRA channels the loose, primitive fury and GRIT of South American hardcore, grabbing the British Home Office by the scruff of it’s dandruff addled…
My Mother The Vent
Upset The Rhythm
Scrabbling out the sewers and making a mockery of all that you thought to be sonically possible with a two-human unit, Guttersnipe spawn long-awaited long-form with the convulsing ectoplasm of My Mother The Vent. This is FREE MUSIC, my friends.…