Codename: Dustsucker
Bark Psychosis
2LP gatefold. Chances are you're acquainted with Bark Psychosis's UK post-rock keystone Hex, but not with their less fawned-over follow-up: 2004's brooding, bloated, often brilliant Codename: Dustsucker. Having borrowed Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock's world-weary chamber-jazz palette wholesale for Hex, here…
Enter Silence
Blackest Ever Black
Available for pre-order only. Stock expected late July, 2018.  The fourth album by Bremen. More information to follow. 
The Doozer
Feeding Tube
What a treat this is... new album on Feeding Tube from The Doozer, the anonymous-ish, Edinburgh-based, Cambridge-reared purveyor of sumptuous and grown-up psychedelic pop who has possibly suffered more lazy comparisons to Syd Barrett than anyone else in recent history.…
Thank God For Mental Illness
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
A Records
Spacegirl And Other Favorites
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
A Records
Hurt Me
Johnny Thunders
New Rose Records
Flawless masterpiece!
Rodion G.A.
"Rozalia by Rodion G.A. is the fourth record release on Inversions. It is a third collection of archive recordings from Rodion Rosca, collated from two radio recording sessions from 1978 and 1983. The music is a rough distillation of Rodion's…
High Rise II
High Rise
Black Editions
Sanjay says: "Caustic face-melting reissue of High Rise II, made even more caustic by remastering (and subsequent additional mastering!) from the group’s founder Asahito Najo. Hard to overstate the enduring influence of High Rise - and this 1986 LP, particularly - on so much…
Wild Things: 16 Kiwi Freakbeat Nuggets 1966-1968
The square root of Flying Nun and Xpressway. Compiled by John Baker. Ships Friday.  "Social End Products of the world unite! 16 New Zealand freakbeat nuggets from 1966 to 1968. 25th Anniversary Wild Things collection of out of control, filthy…
Stand By
"So much ground covered, from learning electric guitar to listening to English blues rock! Let’s not forget that Richard Pinhas, the leader of Heldon, began by absorbing Jimi Hendrix as an adolescent, leaving that behind at the beginning of the…