Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives
Various Artists
Staggering 2LP comp of hard-to-find highlights from the 2013-17 catalogue of Birdfriend, the cassette label run by Koshiro Hino (goat, YPY), a varied and thrilling cornucopia of totally unknown (to us), gloriously unselfconscious mutant electronics, playful but hard-hitting avant-techno/dancehall rhythm…
Early Works 1980-82
Istikhbars and Improvisations
Mustapha Skandrani
"Mustapha Skandrani, a luminary of Algerian music, possessed a unique musical sense, able to transcend the borders of musical cultures to create a distinctive fusion of Arabic-Andalusian and European styles. Istikhbars and Improvisations, recorded in 1965 in Paris, is a…
New Games / Rhythm & Sound
Not to be confused with the Swedish geezers who dress up like total bell-ends, THIS particular goat (SMALL G Y'HEAR) is an Osaka-based outfit led by one Kishiro Hino, who you've might've come across through his solo, techno-compatible (but wilfully skittish and…
The Countryside Is Great
Emerson Kitamura
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* I think we can agree that the recent spate of Japanese ambient / fourth world / electronic pop reissues, for all the jewels it’s turned up, has perhaps been a bit much. Moan moan moan MOAN…I…