Coozie / Mad Sick
R.B. / TBZ
Another 7" dose of splatter-techno and grinding hardware jams on R=Z, this time from R.B. and TBZ. Raw raw raw but built for the floor!    
Gherkin Edits
Jamal Moss
Demented Chicago edits from the MASTER.
Maiden Japan / The Gold Room
Raw, shut-in EBM/techno splackers from Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel, last seen (as a duo) in 2015 on Dog In The Night. Two tracks on limited heavyweight (70g) 7". Very much in the vein of Wanzer's self-released 7"s and LPs - wobbly…
Was Gwan Tell Dem II
Tribe Of Colin
More baked goods from TOC, this time on a 7" - arguably the perfect format for his whole claustrophobic thing - from comrades-in-murk R=A. Suffocated tekno tunnelism (echoes of his Docile runnings with John T. Gast) on one side and…