Father Fugue
Nour Mobarak
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Took us a while to get this Nour Mobarak LP in, less cos of any international customs clusterfuck (although that too was borne) and more cos we were a bit gutted that it was a totally…
Lost At Sea
Idea Fire Company
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* "Recital presents Idea Fire Company's Lost at Sea. Lost At Sea imagines the Idea Fire Company as a bar band on a small cruise ship. There are approximately 40 passengers aboard. Around 2/3 of them are…
Matthew Sullivan
Been gearing up to try and relay the MAGIC felt by all when the first few copies of "Matthew" arrived at the shop a couple of months ago (they flew before these shiftless souls could add them to the website).…
Unburdened Light
The Ivytree
Seems to be a sudden spike of renewed interest in the Jewelled Antler label-cum-kollektiv and the early 2000s drone-folk (or whatever you wanna call it) underground they presided over. Arriving at the same time as Soft Abuse’s crucial Skygreen Leopards…
Words and Music
Tom Phillips
This contemporary album of Brexit-inspired electro-acoustic improvisations is a fascinating exploration of what "remain" could mean for-- JOKES! Words and Music is a rare and deeply idiosyncratic 1975 album by artist Tom Phillips (b.1937), who really had no way of…