Carrier Wave / Echos
Holsten / Artilect
Ultra-advanced junglist ballistics from UVB-76's breakbeat-weapons imprint DROOGS. Holsten makes his second appearance on the label with the paranoid, pressure-cooker rollage of 'Carrier Wave', its grimy, subs-centered minimalism feeling totally of the now. Over on the flip, Artilect serves up…
New DROOGS!!! The second instalment in this very collectible but also brilliantly functional white label series of war-dubs is an Aspect solo mission, and we think it's fair to say it's RIDICULOUS - in the overwhelmingly positive sense of the…
Once again the UVB-76 crew cut loose with their latest DROOGS white label, new recruit Holsten supplying a double-dose of breakbeat ruff riders that offer the perfect marriage of old-skool jungle argy-bargy and ultra-criss, 2018-worthy production... 'Abcess' (nice!) is perhaps…
Horns (Gremlinz & Overlook Remix)
Re-press! When this dropped in November it sold out before we'd even taken delivery of our copies. One-sided white label pressing for Gremlinz and Overlook’s baad remix of Future Cut’s classic ‘Horns’ – an out-and-out war riddim if ever there…