Simple Elements

Simple Elements

Seminal Brum techno from Simple Elements aka House of God resident Nicky B. This rare double-pack, originally released in ’97 on Neil Macey's Ideal Trax, has accrued something close to legendary status, and it's easy to see why: er, it's f*****g great! Across six cuts Simple Elements channels some of the Downwards crew's imperious, drop-forge physicality but in the main it's a lusher, trippier, rootsier affair - far more in thrall to the classic Detroit techno shimmer that Neil Rushton and co flooded the Midlands with a few years earlier. 

It's still raw, though, and very fact sonically it's closest cousins are in early bleep’ n’ bass - particularly (and logically) the Network side of things (Nexus 21, Rhythmatic and the rest of the Bio Rhythm bods). Unlike that stuff though, 9.2%, came out in 1997 - and so in some ways its pointedly psychedelic but ultra-rugged, low-end-driven machine-funk must have sounded retro on arrival. Who knows. All we say for sure that this is timeless, transporting rave music - from the brawling, high-velocity title track (pure HoG no-coat-no-home abandon) to the moody, b-boys-on-acid electro of ‘R.E.C'. Check the clips! 




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