Low Company Xmas Party: Nkisi / Mark / Extended Shoppe Crew

Admission x 1
Low Company Xmas Party: Nkisi / Mark / Extended Shoppe Crew
Admission x 1




Online ticket for the Low Company Xmas Party, this Saturday 8th December at Bar A Bar, London N16 (10pm-6am)!

Yep we’re returning to our favourite dark and dank and airless N16 basement, Bar A Bar, scene of our 1st birthday earlier in the year, but this time we’re bringing our own sound and we’ve got a late license so we can go louder n longer and really destroy your weekend! 

We’re excited to welcome special guest NKISI. Her forthcoming LP on UIQ is VERY eagerly anticipated round these parts, especially after her ‘Dark Orchestra’ 12” on Arcola earlier this year tore us a new wormhole with its splicing of African rhythms and hardstep/gabba/tekno sonics, prompting us to draw hamfisted but not-given-lightly comparisons with The Mover, Christoph de Babalon and Rufige Cru (yep!). How crucial, and how often lacking, a sense of ALARM is in the dance - well Nkisi (b)rings the alarm, and then some, making music that is fearless and radgy as f**k but somehow supple and sensuous too and which you feel might actually be inventing the future rather than just sniffing its corpse. 

The elusive MARK has become a bona fide SHOP FAVE off the back of his three 12”s to date, Here Comes A Fucking Startup Campus and Integrier Dich Du Yuppie on A Colourful Storm, and more recently The Least Likely Even Will Occur In The Longrun on Ostgut’s Unterton: deconstructions of prowling, predator-mode jungle/darkside dnb that actually re-mould and armour-plate the music for NOW, blending its DNA with that of flexing, minimalist warehouse techno, and somehow also finding time to lampoon/rue the flood of global capital and associated fuckery into Berlin. Executioner! Plus support from extended shoppe crew: Kenny, Jim, Meg, Sanjay ++ - 

Pre-party at the shop from 6pm, free and open to all, with tunes from Paco / La Vida Es Un Mus.


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