Eddy Current Suppression Ring

All In Good Time
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
All In Good Time

Shouldn't work after all this time. But it does. Unhurried nggggggh from start to finish. 'Our Quiet Whisper' is just sublime.

“It is impossible to deny
no one sounds like Eddy Current
I was hooked from riff one
and I was lucky enough to do a full tour of Australia with them years ago
good fucking boys
simple as beer and chips
and that satisfying live
but that’s not to say there arent odd complexities to their definitive sound

You can smell mikey youngs guitar approach
like sasquatch rustling the bushes
Every time you think you see the bend ahead
you go into a tunnel or backtrack for a moment
then back to a nice place you can call home

Rob’s bass is pub fuzz groove
It’s shells on the floor and leaning against the wall with one hand while you have a piss
thinking maybe you can take that guy?
only one way to find out
oh wait, he’s smiling…
nice bloke

Danny’s drums are a clinic in reservedness
4 on the floor
This guy’s Charlie Watts in the looking glass
every hit a necessity
solid, not flashy
like the lead street tough in a 70’s flick
he don’t say much, but it counts

and then there is Brendan
be-gloved lead mensch in this quartet
singing with earnest street poet confidence
his message coming in on the weird-wire
hard to describe
best to just listen and see
a pub punk priest

We are very pleased to have these boys back on the streets
It had been far too long”


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