Various Artists

All The Snares EP (Supercharger Vol.4)
Various Artists
All The Snares EP (Supercharger Vol.4)

"4 slices of jungle fire to mash up any dancefloor..."

We shouldn’t really be supporting jungle revivalism this route-one and unreconstructed, but it’s summer, and if you can’t enjoy a record like this now, well, there’s really no other time. The fourth instalment of Supercharger’s chaotic various-artist offerings, this is about as far away from the sombre dnb vanguard as you could possibly get: rampant amen choppage, high-drama vamps and diva vox, wrecking-ball Reese basslines and ropey ragga samples. It’s pure pastiche, it’s got basically fuck-all to do with musical progress, but it’s so expertly executed and so obviously sincerely felt, you can’t fault it. It’s essentially a rockabilly record. Recommended!

Vinyl-only, limited to 300 copies.



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